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What Russia wants in America



Russia is now boosting both Trump and Bernie. So apparently Russia wants the following for Americans:

1. Affordable Public Health Care with greater coverage
2. A higher minimum wage
3. Higher taxes for billionaire oligarchs
4. Subsidized higher education at public colleges
5. Less pollution
6. Equal opportunities for people of color
7. Gentler immigration laws
8. Regulations to minimize financial corruption and destructive and predatory speculation

Russia also wants

1. Xenophobia
2. Harsher immigration laws
3. That wall
4. Us troops out of Afghanistan after 20 years
5. A more Pro Israel policy
6. Cancellation of Nuclear treaties with Iran and itself
7. A nuclear treaty with North Korea
8. Make America Great Again

Russia also wants to sow discord and stop teenage masturbation in the United States. Plus for Bernie to start working out, like seriously.