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Poison Gas in Karachi Port – by Raees Siddiqui



A day has passed and the source of the poisonous fumes that have killed 10 people in Southern Karachi has not been determined by the incompetent PTI government. Ali Zaidi, PTI’s poor choice of shipping minister, is as clueless as ever.

When it comes to abusing and slandering PPP, characters like Ali Zaidi waste no time in sending false and slanderous tweets. If you have the misfortune of being on this person’s Whatsapp broadcast list, then you know what I am talking about. He is nothing but a foolish and incompetent person, another glorified PTI gasbag.

He has not provided any clarity to the ongoing situation in Karachi and all the schools near the port area, including the prestigious Karachi Grammar have been shut down for the second day.

Some are saying that the fumes are coming from a sous bean shipment. Others are saying that these fumes are from treated second hand clothing imports. These are absurd guesses.

But because this is happening under a PTI government, Karachi “intelligentsia” is muted. These dishonest people have ever spoken truth to power and allowed the MQM fascist to destroy Karachi. Now they are doing the same for PTI which is bending over backwards because they are pathologically hating PPP.