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The IG Sindh office has been politicized by the interference of higher judiciary



Yesterday, a PPP member of the Sindh Provincial Parliament was murdered. Fearing threats over a property dispute, she had requested for security from the IG Sindh – the highest ranking police officer of the province. Her request for a basic right like security was clearly denied and resulted in her ghastly murder.

The office of the Sindh police IG has been badly politicized by the interference of the higher judiciary.

In Pakistan, the judiciary (barring exceptions) runs interference for the civil-military bureaucracy and the Deep State. It has historically collaborated in every dirty military coup. The judiciary also supports dangerous Takfiri terrorists and right-wing establishment pawns like Nawaz Sharif and Imran Khan. Pakistan’s judiciary has always maintained a clear bias and extreme prejudice against the left of center PPP and has admitted publicity to the judicial murder of Bhutto.

Currently, the role of this judiciary is to thwart, undermine and destabilize the PPP government in Sindh. The judiciary not only supports the forced conversion of Sindh’s indigenous Hindu population, it also undermines the PPP Sindh government by controlling the police.

These facts are never discussed by establishment opportunists like Jibran Nasir. While the Constitution is quite clear that the Sindh police chief should be appointed by the provincial government, Pakistan’s judiciary has historically disrespected the Constitution and the laws of Pakistan.