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Pakistani Liberals want continued presence of US troops in Afghanistan – by Muhammad Aamir Hussaini



Daily Dawn’s administration seems unhappy over the Peace Agreement’ among US, Afghan Taliban and other Afghan Factions.

Pakistan, Turkey, Iran, Russia, China, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, France, Germany and UK also provided their assistance in this process. Pakistan has played a very important and crucial role in making this agreement possible.

But the possibility of success of a Peace Process in Afghanistan is a source of deep discomfort to Pakistani Commercial liberals. This #CommercialLiberalMafia are deeply linked with the US warmongering Establishment.

These liberals have become the as*lickers of the Neocons and their proxies in both the Democrat and Republican parties.

Yesterday I saw many tweets from Commercial Liberals including Hussain Haqqani, Afrasiyab Khattak against the 7 days seize fire in Afghanistan. These liberals criticized Trump’s statement ‘
A deal looks near’ and Daily Dawn’s Cartoonist has made a mocking cartoon. Remember, this Cartoon has been published on the main editorial page after consultation by the Editorial Board of the newspaper.

So it seems that commercial liberals don’t want to see a Peace Accord among warring parties in Afghanistan and they want to see the disastrous continuation of the war and presence of US troops in Afghanistan.

The Establishment Democrats mostly attack US President Trump From the Right side. The main Democrat leaders like Hilary, Joe Bidens. Nancy Pleosi criticized Trump when he met President of North Korea and showed his intention of making a Nuclear Peace Deal. These Democrat war mongers took the same position when they criticized Trump for not further escalating tensions with Iran.

Most of us have severe disagreements with Trump on tearing up nuclear treaties, backing away from climate change accords, fomenting coups in Latin America, spending billions on corporate welfare for oligarchs, trillion dollar Defense budgets and spying on everyone. On all these issues, the Establishment Centrist Democrats SUPPORT Trump. They only oppose Trump in the rare case when Trump tries to go for peace. And their liberal proxies in Pakistan parrot the CIA line being used by Establishment Democrats.

This was after Iran retaliated for the General Solaimani assassination by launching Missiles’ on a US military base in Iraq. The same Democrat Chicken Hawks smeared anti-War Democrats as “Russian agents”. These anti-war Democrats oppose US military interventions in Syria and other countries.

Now it is open secret that Hilary Clinton had admitted in a e-mail leaked by Wikileaks that Daesh, Al-Qaeda and other faith based terrorist groups were funded and supported by US in Syria to change the regime.

Pakistani Commercial liberals are Pro-war and war-mongers in #Afghanistan are opposing the Peace Accord between US and Afghan Taliban. They oppose the end of militancy in Afghanistan because after such accord their funds and so called scholarships from US Shame-Tanks will evaporate.