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Establishment Democrat Party Apparatchiks bigger threat to Bernie than Trump



The uninformed or deliberately obtuse mainstream media has just gifted us another doozy. That Trump, Fox and the Republicans are elevating Sanders so that they can have an easier time defeating and destroying him in the 2020 general elections.

This is not only an absurd theory but ironic and disingenuous. Because those peddling this stupid theory are being obtuse about the #PiedPiperStrategy of 2016. When the Establishment Democrats and their media collaborators (CNN, MSNBC, CBS) deliberately elevated Trump in the belief that he would be the easiest target for Hillary.

So instead of covering Bernie, they gave hours of free air time (costing hundreds of millions of dollars) to Trump’s empty podium. The Washington Post unleashed 16 viciously, anti-Bernie propaganda articles in 16 hours. Shultz was fired from MSNBC for daring to cover Bernie.

Les Monves, the powerful Don of CBS (now facing multiple sexual harassment claims) openly boasted that (covering) Trump was good for business.

What a horrible miscalculation all that turned out to be. In 2016, the Democrats left nothing to chance and deliberately rigged the primaries against Bernie. They just miscalculated on how horrible a candidate Hillary was/is.

Bernie never stood a chance then. And the odds have been stacked against him again in 2020. And by trying to scuttle Bernie’s surging campaign, the Establishment Centrist Democrats are enduring another victory for Trump later this year.

Because a larger number of Democrat voters will stay at home this year. And any chance of attracting moderates, libertarians, conservatives etc go out of the window once Sanders and Gabbard are thrown aside.

Because Biden, Warren, Buttigieg, Bloomberg, Kloubacher and Steyer don’t stand a chance against Trump.

Biden: Trump has now accumulated 4 years of a pretty bad record. But nothing compared to the 40 years of terrible policies backed by Biden. Biden’s public threats to undermine Social security and his work with segregationists will allow the Republicans to literally attack him from the left-liberal angle. Then there is his creepy hair sniffing, onset of dementia and of course the corruption of his son, Hunter Biden. Plus his hawkish record that exceeds Trump.

Warren: We know how Trump has already exposed her as a liar. And how she scuttled her own campaign by lying about her private conversation with Sanders. Plus she voted for Trump’s massive defence budget. A congenital liar needs to be like Trump who is shameless. Warren is a congenital liar who sucks at it. Her drop in the polls shows how weak her electoral foundations were to begin with.

Buttigieg: his eight languages, his (likely) CIA record along with his stint at McKinsey will not seduce Middle America. Nor will it seduce most of the rest of America, especially Non-White. This is a candidate who literally had to fake African-American support for his flailing campaign. He cracks under the slightest bit of tough question.
Buttigieg represents the limits of Woke/SJW/Identity politics/Platitudes. He lacks substance.

The rest are a joke. Sanders, even with his weakened political spine, represents the best chance for Democrats. A Sanders ticket with Gabbard as VP or SoS will be a potent ticket that will attract the highest number of crossover votes plus that 100 million + segment of independents that has been dismissed by the Democrat Party apparatchiks as “Basket of Deplorables.”

Sanders and Gabbard represent the little energy in the Dems. The rest represent stale, status quo politicians that have failed since at least Circa 2000.