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Hillary – The Saint for Centrist Liberals



Some of us used to feel sorry for her back in the 1990s when we thought she was the victim of a “vast right wing conspiracy”. No doubt the Republicans went after her and Bill. But that was pre-social media era. The Internet was still new and very few us had read the Drudge Report.

Hillary’s noxious lies on Syria were exposed by #Wikileaks. In her private correspondence she acknowledged that US allies like Saudi Arabia and Qatar were funding Salafi terrorist groups like Al Qaeda and ISIS. They were doing this at the highest level.

Hillary’s Centrist Liberalism, based on generous external funding, hypocrisy and opportunism is very popular among Pakistan’s #CommercialLiberalMafia. This is a group of media and “intelligentsia” elites who peddle State Department propaganda when it comes to foreign policy. On domestic issues, this lobby is beholden to the House of Nawaz Sharif and continues to misrepresent crony capitalist El Chapos as “anti establishment” heroes.

Who can forget Kissinger – one of Hillary’s strongest supporters.

With friends like these, no wonder Hillary hates Sanders and Tulsi. And her blind followers regurgitate her rubbish.

“In a just world, Henry Kissinger would be in a jail cell at the Hague.

In the Middle East, he started a mini-war between the Kurds and Saddam Hussein in order to curry favor with the Shah of Iran. After the Shah and Saddam Hussein abandoned their hostilities for a peace deal, Kissinger abandoned the Iraqi Kurds to be slaughtered by Hussein.

In South America, Kissinger helped orchestrate a coup to overthrow democratically elected President Salvador Allende, a leftist. Military dictator Augusto Pinochet was installed in his place. Dissidents were tortured, shot, or thrown from helicopters. Many of these “disappeared” bodies continue to be unearthed in mass graves. Pinochet and Kissinger met with other right-wing tyrants in Latin America to facilitate plans for a worldwide hunt of leftists in what was dubbed Operation Condor. This operation spanned across continents and even the United States wasn’t spared with Pinochet’s security team assassinating Allende’s former ambassador to the United States, Orlando Letelier, via a car bomb in Washington, DC killing both Letelier and his twenty-five-year-old American assistant Ronni Moffitt.”