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Niazi Regime fails to provide bread – by Riaz Malik


The last #PPP government of 2008-13 created a wheat surplus with its strong policies on agriculture. Pakistani exports were booming during the last PPP government and hovering around the $26-27 billion mark in 2013.

Pakistan was ahead of Bangladesh in terms of exports under PPP. Pakistan’s economic growth under the #Zardari#Gillani government was based on solid #macroeconomic principles of support pricing for agriculture and manufacturing. In spite of record high oil prices, the PPP government kept power prices to a minimum. This boosted our textile, sports good and medical equipment #manufacturing.

Combined with bold initiatives to support agriculture, Pakistan’s current account #deficits plummeted to record lows under PPP.

Today, Pakistan has food shortages under the Selected #NiaziRegime. One of the worst failures of the PTI government under Niazi has been its galactic stupidity in absolving the previous PML N/Nawaz Sharif government of its economic #mismanagement.

PML N enjoyed record low global oil prices but increased power prices exponentially. This was to benefit its crony capitalists in the private power manufacturing sector. PML N embarked on a disastrous route of pork barrel projects like metros and orange lines. These projects allowed the Sharif dynasty to line its dirty pockets at the expense of Pakistan.

And then there was the disastrous CPEC negotiation by the Nawaz Sharif dynasty. This was about surrendering Pakistan’s geographical leverage so that the Sharif families off shore companies could make another killing; once again at the expense of Pakistan.

CPEC was intended as a barter agreement when it was formulated under PPP. The subsequent PML N government shifted the parameters to make CPEC a $65 billion loan.

Pakistan has had no coherent agricultural policy since 2013. Exports plummeted under PML N and have still not recovered to PPP levels in 2013.

Meanwhile the current account deficit explosion under PML N and PTI has destroyed Pakistan’s economy. And today, we are short of wheat….

Some of these observations have been highlighted on this wall previously. Of course, the tragic sight of seeing breadlines and flour shortages in Pakistan has opened fresh wounds.

One is reminded of these wounds when being dragged into pointless debates with sectarian atheist relatives who worship the cult of the #NawazSharifDynasty. These are Pakistani and expat elites whose contempt for Pakistan’s shrine-based culture is evident from their regurgitation of Wahhabi talking points.

“I don’t support Nawaz Sharif but I support him” is the shout of these Patwari liberal bullies. “Because he opposes the army” is the mythical reason.

Apparently these Patwaris are still living in the fantasy land sketched out by Hussain Haqqani and his gang. These Patwari fantasies are based on a series of articles that were written by the #HussainHaqqaniNetwork during the mid-2010s.

We all know that the Sharif’s are essentially spineless, wheeler dealer El Chapo types. And they have proven that again. We should also know that Nawaz Sharif is essentially a Saudi/American “asset” in Pakistan whose dirty objectives are to intensify sub nationalist movements and Balkanize Pakistan.

While the average Pakistani is now starving for bread, these Patwari supporters of the Nawaz Sharif cult are still shouting down their critics. And abusing Zardari and his children. The same Asif Ali Zardari whose government made Pakistan grain sufficient by 2013.