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The chattering class’ irrational blindness to avoid admitting Imran Khan Niazi’s lifelong corruption


The chattering class’ irrational blindness to avoid admitting Imran Khan Niazi’s lifelong corruption

Civil society types are forever spineless in calling a spade a spade. This is not based on a misconception – just plain stupidity among Pakistan’s educated chattering upper middle classes. It is based upon poor arithmetic skills of those who have fancy foreign degrees. Combined with an ingrained bourgeoisie blindness.

How can someone who retired in 1992 buy choice acres of choice real estate nearly 5 years before selling his apartment! The same apartment that Niazi claimed was the result of his savings till 1992!!

SKMT’s cancer treatment equipment was due to PPP/Benazir/Zardari’s duty exemptions plus donations. The land was a gift from the Punjab governments of Nawaz Sharif.

Overseas Pakistanis and other donations for SKMT were routed into offshore banks. From there they were invested into risky real estate investment funds under ABRAAJ/Arif Naqvi. And lost 30% in some cases.

Arif in turn funded the Pro Taliban PML N and PTI governments (Source Wall Street) so that his stake in the privatised Karachi electric can be sold for more profit. This was before he got arrested for misappropriating charity funds given to Abraj by the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation!

Then there is Jehangir Tareen who profits from shorting vital food supplies and is used to buy off independents and MQM. And whose private jet is among Imran’s favourite ties.

This all goes back to Niazi’s youth where he resented his corrupt father’s lifestyle. Which he then copied.

Ikramullah Niazi was a corrupt bureaucrat. How else was he able to send his average grades son to a British private school??

The house he grew up in was part of a mammoth Zaman Park estate where Imran lived with his rich relatives from the powerful Burki and Zaman clans.

Imran himself admits that both his First Class (Varsity) and International cricket careers were a result of nepotism.

The house he grew up in was likely from the corruption of Pakistan’s civil-military bureaucracy “acquiring” choice real estate via the Evacuee Property Trust. This was land abandoned by Pre-Partition Hindu and Sikh families who had to forcibly migrate to India in 1947.

More will likely emerge. But please, let’s not sugarcoat ignorance, brainwashing and stupidity with some noble excuse of perception.

Pakistan’s chattering classes are brainwashed hypocrites and cowards and can only fulminate and front against the weak and the disenfranchised. Till the 2010’s they used to worship Zia-ist and Jamaatiya parties like PML N and MQM. The most recent iteration of an establishment party is PTI.

Of course, the same chattering classes dishonestly blame all of Pakistan’s problems on the slain Bhuttos and jailed Zardari’s. Apparently Zardari can be blamed for scalping cinema tickets from a cinema literally owned by him. But Imran Khan Niazi’s opulent lifestyle is never questioned.