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Statement from Mnar Muhawesh, Editor Mintpress

Editors Note: LUBP supports alternate media voices across the globe. We welcome American outlets like Mintpress which are anti-War.


“It’s no secret, I get attacked and smeared a lot within the media. I’m a young Palestinian American Muslim woman wearing hijab running a media company that calls out the war machine and special interest groups that have hijacked out government. I’m every establishment pro-war neoliberal and neoconservative’s nightmare, so you could say I’m an easy target.

Every time I get targeted in a smear campaign, it’s the same chauvinistic and islamophobic fear-mongering that uses the very obvious facts about my identity and even my age in an attempt to discredit our reporting that has gone viral and is making a positive impact. Sometimes the men in my family get pulled into the smears including my father in law, insinuating that he is the mastermind behind my company because there’s no way that I am capable or intelligent enough to launch and run a leading independent media organization.

This time, a group of chauvinistic, right wing closet racists have taken the attacks to another level by publishing ridiculous articles targeting our senior staff writer @whitney webb , even doxxing her personal info and that of her family. For those who have been following her work, she is one of the most intelligent, fearless and trailblazing journalists of our time. The reason I mentioned the attacks against me is because in an attempt to discredit her reporting about Jeffrey Epstein that has gone viral, & resulted in a book deal and probably over a hundred radio and TV interviews, these two men by the names of Daniel Hopsicker and Georg Webb are harassing her and her family and are risking their safety. These two guys had the audacity to get in a car and head to her hometown to confront her father and family. They even got a flat tire on the way and tweeted that Odeh was responsible. But, why?

Let me explain:

In their attempt to discredit Whitney’s reporting, they have basically copy and pasted one of the smear articles against me by BuzzFeed and are basically saying that ayatollahs in Iran are funding MintPress and that I’m secretly not the owner, it’s my father-in-law who is an Islamic scholar who studied in Iran at one of the Muslim world’s oldest seminary schools in Qom, Iran over 30 years ago. Because, Muslims are scary!!

It’s not uncommon for Muslim families to have somebody who has studied in Islamic seminary school, it’s part of the culture.

Then they go on to say that my father in law is also simultaneously working for the CIA and somehow also works with Qassem Soleimani. You just can’t make this stuff up.

After they published this smear article, they both had the audacity to go on Twitter and say that Whitney is distancing herself from MintPess which is completely false. These two men are clearly really good liars with a very clear agenda.

Both of these people have been covering Jeffrey Epstein for the last decade and in their attack against Whitney, they both casually mention that they really appreciate that Whitney has summarized everything they have both been saying about Jeffrey Epstein for the last 10 years in her reporting but are concerned that her boss is a CIA agent.

So it’s very obvious that despite the smear attacking me and my family… Again… it was an attempt to discredit Whitney because she poses a threat to their reporting on Jeffrey Epstein as a young woman who is making Waves in her coverage what is getting far more attention than theirs has.

Whitney is one of the most intelligent & trailblazing female journalists I know, worthy of recognition & awards beyond her age. She’s more courageous than Daniel Hopsicker & Georg Webb , these two old white men could ever hope to be who are threatened by young intelligent women.

What bothers me even more about this particular attack is that it was purely out of jealousy. It didn’t come from establishment pro-war journalists, it came from anti-establishment activists that showed how much their reputation meant over real, truthful journalism. You can’t call yourself a watchdog journalist if you engage in dangerous, islamophobic and fear-mongering smear campaigns that only play into the divide-and-conquer tactics of the very establishment we should be holding accountable.

Please send your support to Whitney and to the MintPress team who have been harassed recently ✌”

Well said Mnar A. Muhawesh (I am proud to contribute to Mint Press News) "It's no secret, I get attacked and smeared a…

Posted by Vanessa Beeley on Friday, January 17, 2020