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Tulsi Gabbard is the only credible candidate for President to bring peace to the Muslim World



#NoWarWithIran is the most important issue for all Muslim Americans. War on Muslim country number 8 based on lies and deceit as it has been proven to be the case for the 7 others will break the back of American Muslims.

There is a lot of smears by paid Shills on Tulsi on meeting Assad or Modi. Muslim Americans must realize the most important issue is this never-ending cycle of wars on Muslim Nations. Millions of Muslims have been killed or displaces and trillions of infrastructure have been destroyed. As an example, a country like Iraq with immense oil wealth is still struggling with basics like electricity and clean water for their people. War is hell and destroying Muslim nations based on fabrications and lies must end.

These wars have made life for American Muslims very difficult. Islamophobia is rampant, Muslims are taken for extended questioning every-time they travel abroad and subject to othering, suspicion and special screening when they travel. Fox News and their fascist allies will only intensify their fabrication of Muslim sleeper cells if war breaks out.

Such wars have cost 10 trillion-plus dollars in the past two decades, thousands of our veterans have lost their lives or suffered injuries. Many veterans are incapacitated and those costs will continue to accrue for many decades. Nothing has been gained as evidenced by WAPO #AfghnaistanPapers, except perhaps the animosity and ill wished of millions of Muslims killed or displaced by wars and drones on Syria, Yemen, Libya, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Somalia, and Iraq.

This has to stop. The diverse Muslim communities, ethnic or by sect need to unite on the single biggest issue pertaining to Muslims this is #NoWarWithIran. The cycle must stop.

We need to come together and ignore the propagandist and smear merchants and support Tulsi Gabbard for president, she is the only sincere and vocal champion to end this cycle of wars on Muslim countries and achieve lasting peace.

This is the peace dividend that Americans have been denied by the for-profit war machine. Through smart diplomacy, we can achieve peace and our interests. We can plow back those resources for medicare for fall, free college and other social and infrastructure projects for the American people.

#Tulsi is the only one with the credibility to deliver. #Tulsi2020


#NoWarWithIran is the most important issue for all Muslim Americans. War on Muslim country number 8 based on lies and…

Posted by American Muslims for Tulsi Gabbard on Wednesday, January 15, 2020