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Imran Khan: A failed political test tube


The way Imran Khan treated his own team immediately after winning the 1992 World Cup and the way he abused and went after his own former bowling partner, Sarfaraz Nawaz, for having a different political preference than him, spoke volumes about him.

He was a genetically gifted athlete, who was also blessed with the dynastic privilege of being at the intersection of the powerful Niazi-Burki-Zaman tribes.

He used his genetic gifts and privileges ( including corruption and nepotism) to become a superb cricketer over a 20-year period.

After which he was then used by dangerous generals (Hamid Gul) and political rejects (Mairaj M Khan) for the same politics of right wing self righteousness that others, like Nawaz Sharif, were before him.

Expecting sound or coherent economic, social or foreign policy from him was a mistake to begin with. This is a man who repeatedly emphasized that Germany and Japan were neighbors who fought many wars against each other.

His time (as a cricketer) ended 30 years ago. He is now just a fluffed up, Botoxed, hair transplanted doll repeating the same, failed right wing talking points that have been peddled for 50+ years.