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Irony – when political orphans who cannot even win a local council seat demand inter-party elections



The only “party” in Pakistan that has inter-party elections is Jamaat e Islami – because they are the King’s Party and the results are, ahem, rarely surprising within any fascist organization.

Since independence, Pakistan’s Deep State has always rigged the political system. NAP (to a lessor extant) and PPP were the rare one’s which were founded organically. But since then, they and others have always been pressured both externally and internally.

It seems that political orphans have even forgotten simple arithmetic. After the current Niazi government had the 70 seats of the “anti establishment” PML N, any suggested amendments or changes by anybody were irrelevant.

So if political orphans want a violent revolution, it is time that they lead it themselves. Bhutto-Zardaris, PPP and ANP have paid too high a price.

Time for these political orphans, their DC based liberal Tola and the Nawaz Sharif family to offer some sacrifices