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Iran’s official admittance and apology to mistakenly shooting down a civilian passenger airplane stands in stark contrast to the United States



Iran’s official admittance and apology to mistakenly shooting down a civilian passenger airplane stands in stark contrast to the United States

Many of us, myself included, were disturbed by the rush to judgement to pin this on Iran without any investigation. We are living in a world where the powerful can literally manufacture evidence to support False flags that lead to more war. We wanted a fair investigation that would lead to a clear understanding of why this tragedy happened. We are not living in that world sadly.

Such tragedies are misused by super powers and their quislings to impose more war, death and destruction.

Iran is literally in a state of war. Both Trump and Hillary, both sides of the political Isle (barring Obama, Bernie, Tulsi) have supported destruction and war crimes against Iran. In this heightened state, Iran’s military made a catastrophic mistake that lead to the tragic loss of 178 innocent civilians. Iran has officially and publicly admitted this and has expressed sorrow and remorse at the highest level. It has assured that it will prosecute those who committed this – even by mistake.

So in essence, Iran has done the exact opposite of what the United States did when it shot down an Iranian passenger aircraft killing 300 innocent civilians. It not only refused to apologize for this event in the 1980s. The United States awarded and promoted those who perpetrated this crime.

Those of us who countered the premature propaganda against Iran are among the first to highlight the actual facts once they were publicly disclosed and acknowledged by Iran.

None of us want to perpetuate a lie like the Syrian chemical attacks – a series of False flags where we now know that a United Nations body (OPCW) doctored evidence to falsely accuse the secular Syrian government of Bashar Al Assad. We want to be open about highlighting evidence even if goes against our own earlier arguments and contentions.

While many of us have reservations about Iranian policy, civilian rights, theology and sanctifying of public officials, we refuse to be used as useful idiots to start another Western-imposed war based on lies.

We are relieved that Iran accepted responsibility for this horrific tragedy. Because we know that if they did not, the United States and it’s quislings like Canada would have inflicted a situation on Iran that would be a thousand times worse. They would have murdered millions of more civilians to “avenge” this tragic mistake. Such is their moral calculus.

Post Script: even Biased and prejudiced Western media outlets like #TheGuardian has admitted that Iran has been cooperating for days with an international investigation involving Canada, Ukraine and Boeing. It has not destroyed or removed evidence from the crash site or prevented the sharing of evidence with the other nations affected by this crash.

So in stark contrast to the United States, France and UK who bombed Syria, including alleged chemical weapons depots, even before evidence was made publicly available. Now we know that even the United Nations report on the chemical weapons attack in Syria was doctored and changed on the pressure of the United States.