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Army Extension Act: The Emotional and Confrontational Rhetoric of Patwari political orphans will not increase Civilian space in Pakistan

PML N’s confrontation strategy has always destabilized Pakistan. While the region is on fire, Pakistan can not afford reckless adventures cooked up in swanky conferences in Washington DC. The Nawaz Sharif-Hussain Haqqani-Najam Sethi Haakas have been disastrous for democracy in Pakistan. The last time these dirty intriguers sprang their trap, PPP prime minister Yusuf Raza Gillani had to pay the price. This was #Memogate.

It was the shameless Nawaz Sharif who waddled into PCO Chaudhry’s Court to destabilize democracy in Pakistan. The spineless Jamaatiya, Hussain Haqqani, ran away back to his Washington DC handlers while PPP had to pick up the pieces.

There are ground realities that need to be considered instead of emotional rhetoric on the Army extension act.

1. Once PML N capitulated, the PTI government had enough votes for a 2/3 amendment which they did not do. Stupidly as always.

2. After another PML N capitulation, PPP had no space left even for negotiations on this act.

3. PPP still requested PTI to follow procedure and make this a transparent parliamentary act.

4. PPP had not postured or staked their position on the extension issue as PML N had.

5. The executive (PM) should be the one to extend/hire/fire/appoint/promote the heads of public institutions to begin. The executive should be answerable to Parliament NOT the courts

6. The courts need to stop meddling in Civilian affairs. Their meddling has been historically disastrous for civilian space in Pakistan.

7. PPP has respected the parliament and the OFFICE of the PM even if they disagree with the person of the PM. That is the mature and parliamentary route to increase civilian space.

8. PML N on the other hand has always chosen the suicidal route of confrontation. They have always lost and frittered away the civilian space that was hard won by the PPP.

9. After PML N’s suicidal confrontations with the army which weaken civilian space and strengthen anti-Democratic forces, the dirty collaborators of General Zia then cry and try to drag in a compromised and biased judiciary into civilian matters. This has always resulted in more disaster.

10. Patwari political orphans are welcome to join failed lefty liberal elites and confront the army. The rest of the country has bigger issues that are a direct result of these counter productive and failed PML N “strategies”