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Shaheed Aitzaz Hasan and how Pakistani liberals mocked this hero



In 2014, a young teen sacrificed himself to protect hundreds of other children from being blown up by a Taliban suicide bomber. This happened in Northern Pakistan, in Parachinar – an area with a Shia Muslim majority population. The teen was a Pashtun. He was nearly six feet in height and well built. He saw a person approaching his school wearing a vest. In that split moment, Aitzaz made a decision that few of us could have. He sacrificed his life for the greater good. He sacrificed his life to protect the lives of hundreds of school children.

It was not just his courage but his presence of mind and skill in successfully tackling a suicide bomber. If he was alive today, he would likely be a successful student athlete at any university.

Most of Pakistan applauded this martyr’s courage. For Shia Muslims in Pakistan who were facing a genocidal campaign from Takfiri terrorists, Aitzaz represented the dignity and defiance that was at the core of traditional Shia faith. Parachinar and Quetta were the leading areas where Shia Muslims were regularly massacred.

Barring the exception, Pakistani liberals either misrepresented this situation. Worse, some of them like Ejaz Haider of the Friday Times mocked Aitzaz’s physical appearance.

Many Liberals and lefties in Pakistan are corrupt sellouts who operate as physical orphans. Their most recent ticket for attention seeking was Nawaz Sharif who has once again capitulated and left them high and dry.

Ejaz wrote an entire blog where he focused mostly on mocking Aitzaz’s weight and his academics. In 2011, Ejaz wrote an article where he blamed 500 victims of Shia Genocide for having participated in a cake cutting ceremony to celebrate the Holy Prophet’s birthday!

LUBP was the only media channel that called out Ejaz’s nauseating insensitivity, prejudice and sophistry. Other liberals rushed to defend their own. After all, Ejaz Haider enjoys expensive imported hard liquor with them. For these liberals, drunken hedonism Trumps principles, decency and dignity.