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Army Extension Legislation: PPP avoids PML N’s Haaka (trap)



In its 52 years of history, PPP has always stressed the parliamentary path. This is a path of legislation, power sharing, provincial autonomy and debate. It is about strengthening Pakistan’s Federation and ensuring that institutions remain within their bounds.

And then there are the dirty intrigues of PML N whose sole politics is for the purpose of grabbing power for the Sharif dynasty and its cronies.

For 40 years, Nawaz/Shahbaz Sharif and their off spring latched onto every Bonapartist General, dirty judge, vicious sectarian mullah, dishonest media hack and sellout liberals.

In the latest crisis regarding General Bajwa’s botched extension by the PTI government, PML N first tried to misuse this legal crisis to destabilize Pakistan. They approached 2nd tier generals, judges and bureaucrats to widen existing fissures. They failed. Plan B was the typical path to surrender where once again, Nawaz Sharif and his cronies prostrated themselves at the feet of the security establishment.

With their surrender, PML Nawaz killed all prospects of any negotiation that PPP could have undertaken with the PTI government. Even worse, in order to deflect attention from their pathetic surrender, PML N activated its media wing to goad and trap PPP.

The plot was not just to eliminate negotiating space for the PPP. It was to goad PPP into a direct confrontation with the government, the opposition and the establishment that is pulling the strings of both PTI and PML N.

PPP’s confrontation on this issue would have accomplished nothing and cost everything. It would have lead to another serious attack against the Sindh government. It would have not just reduced the space for parliament – that space would have been pretty much eliminated with a more weakened PPP.

PPP did not bite and that is when we saw the political orphans of PML N, the commercial liberals and Patwari media wing try and salvage a lost situation. Their Che Guevara/Zapata, Nawaz Sharif, had capitulated once again. The spineless Sharifs could not even muster courage to take a stand while hiding safely in London.

Patwari media, that comprises Mateeullah Jan, Hamid Mir, Kashif Abbasi, Asma Shirazi, Umar Cheema, Najam Sethi etc started to selectively abuse PPP as “sellouts”

Even though it was only PPP that stressed the parliamentary route and legislation. It was only PPP under Bilawal Bhutto Zardari that stressed an open and transparent legislation that could thwart an interventionist judiciary typically stepping outside of its legal role.

However, Patwari media has never been confused for possessing any honesty or integrity. They have always sold out for a cushy job and some free imported liquor. Similarly, the commercial liberal networks started reciting the same mantra against PPP. This includes the #HussainHaqqaniNetwork, the #NajamSethiNetwork and the well-funded #Nayadaur social media page.

Zardari and PPP have rebuffed these Patwari media sellouts and have not entertained commercial liberals financially. That is why PPP is being selectively attacked. That is why this media-liberal lobby has given PML N a free pass for yet another pathetic capitulation of Parliamentary space.

From even before his Caliphate ambitions, Nawaz Sharif was obsessed with power at the expense of Pakistan’s interests. In this era of regional and global crisis, Nawaz Sharif’s back door to power has been the intended Balkanization of Pakistan. The ultimate goal is to reduce Pakistan to a weak rump State consisting of urban Central Punjab.

Nawaz Sharif’s “anti establishment” stance has never been about civilian supremacy but about his own tinpot dictator ambitions which he has exposed on multiple occasions. Most notably with the failed 15th Amendment.

Yet PPP is the one being attacked by a section of impotent liberals and media. Some emotional PPP supporters have also fallen into this trap. They need to educate themselves about PPP’s history of struggle, patience and pragmatism to ensure parliamentary supremacy.

In 1985, Shaheed Mohtarma Benazir Bhutto regretted not participating even in the party-less elections held by General Zia ul Haq. That election was the result of the PPP-lead struggle of the MRD movement. In the MRD movement, Benazir and Nusrat Bhutto worked with PNA leaders like Nawabzada Nasrallah and NAP. They did not let the disappointment of the counter productive PNA movement, against PPP in 1977, scuttle the larger goal of democracy.

When General Kakar negotiated the resignations of that corrupt bureaucrat #GhulamIshaqKhan and Nawaz Sharif, BB agreed to call off her long march.

This policy was pursued by former President Zardari when he convinced Nawaz Sharif to ditch the obscurantist APDM – a collection of political orphans and hyper nationalists in 2008.

The same policy of strengthening parliament has been followed by Bilawal Bhutto Zardari. Those who cannot grasp this and prefer to harbor delusions cannot be reasoned with. Because their understanding of politics is not just warped. It is outright dishonest.

They are welcome to join the latest South Asians against Terrorism conference, populated by some ANP and PPP castoffs and rejects. Even Fazlu has left the building.