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SAATH Forum has become the last refuge of commercial liberals



South Asians Against Terrorism and for Human Rights – SAATH Forum has become perhaps last refuge of commercial liberal section of Hussain Haqqani Network. In dictionary of this forum South Asia means only Pakistan because as usual in its annual conference Speakers only focused Pakistan and in result passed there there was not a single resolution about 155 days lock down in Kashmir Valley, abrogation of special status of Kashmir, disputed and discriminatory law about immigrants living in India.

SAATH Forum always exaggerates things in Pakistan and undermines the achievements of democratic and progressive forces on grounds in Pakistan. Its speakers present things just Black/White and even bleak picture about Pakistan and spread hopelessness and pessimistic view.

Forum from first day see manufactured worst aspects aspects of the things and spread a liner analysis. Now Forum is propagating that in Pakistan there is no political party which is making struggle for supremacy of the Parliament and all are busy in Boot-Polishing. Organizers of this forum think themselves Aristotle and Plato of Pakistani Politics and all political leadership in all political parties are opportunists, fake democrats. They think they are only real sign of Resistance again establishment and only hope for democracy in Pakistan.

Why they are so angry with Political Parties?

Participants of SAATH Forum Conference were those in heavy majority who remained very busy to project PML-N and its leaders Nawaz and Maryam as real anti-Establishment and in marginalizing the PPP and its leadership. They wished PML-N and its leadership declare war with Pakistan Military, same desire they have for other opposition parties.

They tried to make #PTM a movement against Army and further a separatist movement. They wanted Opposition Parties buy their so called real formula of civil supremacy and they push Pakistan toward Balkanization, Afrasiab Khattak, Bushra Ghohar type Pashtun Commercial Liberals wanted to see Asfanadyar Wali and ANP blind follower of their slogans and line, same as Hussain Haqqani and some others wanted that PPP and its leadership follow their line, they became full-fledged media team of Nawaz Sharif and Maryam Nawaz when Asif Ali Zardari and Bilawal Bhutto Zardari had not accept to follow their line.

Their malicious campaign against PPP becomes more sharp and fast but very soon Nawaz Sharif and Maryam Nawaz bowed in front of Shahbaz Sharif and Asfanadyar Wali’s Party took last action against Afrasiab Khattak and Bushra Gohar and expelled them from the party. In fact now these commercial liberals have become orphans in Pakistan, PTM’s leader Manzoor Pashteen distanced himself from such elements and he successfully saved PTM from trapping into web of this mafia.

Why was not there Indian speaker or Speaker from Afghanistan in SAATH Forum if this South Asians…..

We are seeing serious challenge for Secular Democracy, Secular Constitution, Communal Peace in India while there is emerging Hinduvata in India, RSS, VHP and others are real challenge in India but against such serious challenges we are seeing emerging real star comrades there also like Kaniyha Kumar, Shehla and others, there are many star journalists, historians, human rights activists who are combating Fascism in India bravely, who are talking about ethnic and religious suppression, enforced disappearances, extrajudical killings by security forces in those areas where people are fighting for their rights, for their lands, their minerals, for their identity but there was not a single speaker from India and no resolution was passed there about such things in India, why?

In Afghanistan we know well US and Taliban are busy in Talk and both parties were moving toward an agreement, fact is that US and Taliban both are making talks with Pakistan, Russia, China, Iran, Turkey, Saudia Arabia, Qatar India and others and these countries all have influence on Taliban less or greater and all provided logistics financial support and safe heavens for their leadership. Why SAATH Forum’s speakers just blames Pakistan for Afghan Question why it didn’t mention names of other countries.

Commercial Liberals networks like SAATH Forum never condemn US military interventions in South Asia, ME and others. They were supporters of US Interventionist policies even regime change through proxies and military interventions as they supported US war against Afghanistan, against Iraq, against Libya, its regime change policy in Syria and Saudis’ war on Yemen.

They were supporters of expansion of US war in South Asia. In simple words they are warmongers in case of US wars and anti-war when Pakistan Military started operations against those organizations who were targeting Pakistan Army, Police, Political leadership and workers and others in Pakistan. Their network never invited any anti-imperialist progressive left voice from Pakistan or Afghanistan who thinks USA imperialism and its ally Saudi Arabia are mother of all terrorism and extremism.

They always make fake and half-true analysis about supporters, facilitators and promoters of terrorism and extermism in Pakistan, they paint whole military institutions in Pakistan as Jihadists but PPP and others here in Pakistan think that in Military Establishment there may be some Takfiri plus Jihadists Generals like there are some in our Judiciary and some are in Parliament and some are in higher ranks of civilian administration and in South Asia Pakistan’s Takfiri-Jihadists elements in some institutions are not only responsible of proxies but such proxies are being run by others in Afghan and Indian Administration also but they make simple Manichean duality in which India, Afghanistan are just victims not parts of the problem but Sole Pakistan Military is responsible.

They never pointed out Saudi Arabia’s role, they never reveal vast Takfiri network which targets Pakistan Army, even GHQ. Always present cheap conspiracy theories: it was Pakistan Army GHQ which himself designed attacks on Army installations, its GHQ, on APS Peshawar etc. Not a single terrorist was killed during military operations in FATA but all were civilians.

I do not absolve responsibility of Pakistan’s military establishment and its role in proxy game but are other countries in South Asia are innocents? Are they not running proxies in SA? If they are, then why we see silence in Commercial Liberal Camp on this?

Some times I see such forum just propagandist forum of others not friendly critique of Pakistan and its institutions. They are not here to build a democratic Pakistan but for Balkanization of it.