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Pakistan should not allow PML N Liberals to goad it into a disastrous Middle East Conflict



Nayadaur, a Patwari PML N mouthpiece misrepresented the PTI government’s stance on the illegal US strikes in Iraq against Iran.

PTI’s policy is guided by its sponsor, the Pakistan army. The Pakistan army does not want to have any part in this conflict. Unlike China or Russia that have condemned the illegal US Strike in Iraq, Pakistan is in no position, economically or politically, to participate in this. This is one of those rare instances where the Pakistan army and Saudi Arabia have taken the prudent decision to stay neutral. It may not be the morally correct decision. But it is a lot better than playing dual games and contributing to more conflict.

Furthermore, unlike Israel, Saudi Arabia and UAE have been silent on these strikes And Iran has been silent on Saudi Arabia and UAE in this matter.

Then why are Pakistani liberals goading Pakistan onto this conflict?

This is because Pakistan’s commercial liberal mafia is very similar to the dubiously funded “Sick Tanks” in the United States. These lobbies have run out of issues and are now latching on to shadowy, Cold War doctrine to goad the world into worst conflicts.

The Establishment Democrats in the United States only disagree with Trump on his style, not substance. Their hatred and bloodlust for Iran equals Trump. They are only upset with Trump because they were not informed about the illegal strike.

Pakistani liberals echo these establishment democrats. These liberals were never honest about Takfiri terrorism in Pakistan and often blamed, conflated and/or equated they victims of Takfiri violence with the Sipah e Sahaba/Taliban/Al Qaeda perpetrators. Many of them justified the mass slaughter of Shia Muslims in Pakistan using the Iran versus Saudi binary.

Now we now that there is so much more and that Pakistan was encouraged to breed Frankensteins.

The same Pakistani liberals who were promoting Pro-Al Qaeda Western propaganda on Syria are now upset why Pakistan is not fighting either the United States or Iran.

After the inevitable collapse of their sponsor Che Raiwand, these liberals are desperately trying to stay relevant.

The Iraqi parliament’s response is arguably the best slap to US imperialism. The world needs less violence; while liberals, on the other hand, want an unhinged super power to destroy more countries.