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PML Nawaz Sharif’s pathetic posturing exposed again by shameless surrender to the Security Establishment



One is amused to see those ostensibly on the PML N dole, pathetically trying to defend why their PML N surrendered. Again.

PML N’s politics are not centered around the interests of the Awaam – they are about enriching the Sharif dynasty and its cronies and flunkies. Who in turn support them in the media.

PML N’s politics were launched from the Boots, Saudis and Washington DC. Once PML N lost favor with both local and external establishments, they have been exposed for the deal-making, Jeddah-London fleeing wimps we always knew they were.

This Siyasi Chooran of God Cop/Bad Cop, Nawaz Sharif vs Shahbaz Sharif is not fooling anyone. We all know that a few localities aside, Lahore is not Paris. We also know of the staggering costs to the exchequer and CPEC for Metro and Orange Line.

If Nawaz Sharif wanted to oppose “the establishment”, he should have stayed back in Lahore. It is yet another shameful reminder that the Zia-ist Sharifs could not make a single hospital in all of Punjab that could tend to Nawaz Sharif’s “platelet count” in the same way that shopping in London can.

If any of this analysis is wrong, please request Nawaz Sharif to come back to Pakistan and face the costs. If Zardari can seek treatment in the much maligned Sindhi hospital network, why can’t Nawaz Sharif?

The fact is that Sharif politics have not been people friendly. They have never cared for the legislative process, Federal cohesion, delivery of social Services, agriculture, provincial autonomy etc.

Their politics is centered around cronyism. And now they are just left with cronies.

PPP and PML N have radically opposed agendas and methods. PPP supports the parliamentary process and seeks parliamentary supremacy. PML N is gutless and can only do its anti-people politics from behind the cloaks of judges and using whichever levers of power to grow their business. Most times it was GHQ, Saudi and US. Plus corrupt judges and lifafa journalist media like Hamid Mir, Asma Shirazi, Matiullah Jan etc.

PML N has abused parliamentary privilege and this is a pathetic surrender on their part

Bilawal and PPP workers should not sacrifice and risk misadventures based on the stupid and dishonest posturing by commercial liberal mafia.

PPP always stressed on parliament and they are sticking to that under Bilawal. If chattering classes want a show down, ask them to go after PML N to sacrifice the Sharif family.

If parliament votes that judges should have no role in the appointment and extension of those heading publicly funded institutions, that is the correct outcome.

Why should unelected judges, representing multiple shameful legacies of surrender be allowed to hijack legislation?

Shouldn’t a Prime Minister have the right to fire, hire, appoint and extend army chiefs.

From 2008-13, PML N conducted their dirty politics from behind the cloaks of corrupt PCO judges like Iftikhar Chaudhry.

PML N’s shameful role in thwarting the removal of Zia-ist clauses like Article 63 and undermining judicial reforms have lead to a mess. A mess which lead to Nawaz Sharif’s own dismissal based on Daddy Zia’s notorious Article 63.

So civil society can go ahead and Scream all they want. But please do so in front of Raiwand whose fled inhabitants you worshiped.