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DAWN Group needs deep introspection after horrific allegations emerge


Few have called out Pakistan’s prejudiced and compromised media aside from independent and alternative sites like LUBP and independent bloggers like Aamir Hussaini.

Earlier this year, DAWN denied medical benefits to its contract employees like Feica. In order to deny him the major portion of his contract salary, DAWN’s dons and corporate flunkeys ran a smear campaign against Feica and accused him of sexual harassment.

Feica was so devastated that he ended up in emergency and nearly died. His friends requested an independent panel of female rights activists to investigate the claims held by DAWN’s senior executives against Feica. DAWN refused.

It turns out that DAWN’s own CEO is now complicit of the same crime that his underlings accused Feica of. Just to reiterate, the allegations against Feica were not even substantiated by the alleged victim. these allegations were based on hearsay.
Hence, The trauma suffered by Jami Moor is not in isolation as those who perpetrated this crime (DAWN’s bosses) accuse others!

This is shameful but not at all surprising. For many years now, under the disastrous direction of Hameed Haroon and Zaffar Abbas, DAWN has degenerated into a mouthpiece of PML N and corporate interests. It is shameless prejudiced. Denying Feica his salary and medical rights was pathetic.

And now this.

Many of us have not forgotten that on the day that Malik Ishaq was killed, DAWN’s Wusatullah Khan and Zarrar Khuhru hosted Tahir Ashrafi – an associate of Malik Ishaq. Their goal was to create sympathy for LeJ and counter the recent policy of the State in finally tackling Takfiri terrorism.

DAWN was once the paper of record. It has degenerated in to compromised, partisan hackery under dubious characters and rank opportunists.

Hameed Haroon represents the rot that needs to be removed from DAWN for the paper to have a future.
“Earlier in November, Jami mentioned that he had shared the details among his friends about the alleged incident and the perpetrator whom he held to be responsible, however, no one stood by his side. “On my buddies from the TV commercial industry — not a single one privately or overtly came out in support. The Gang, the guy gang all vanished. Make-up artists, the directors, the producers, wardrobe icons no one. Only a few who believe in truth came out like Maheen Khan and Mehreen Jabbar,” he lamented.”