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Nayadaur’s Disingenuous Conflation of valid criticism with Mob violence



The Nayadaur blogpost is problematic at the end. This terrible incident is not an aberration at DAWN but a pattern of horrible behavior on multiple issues.

Let me be clear. Those of us who are exposing DAWN DO NOT approve of ANY element of mob justice. We simply want accountability against those higher ups in DAWN who created this abhorrent culture. We stand for press freedom and want the same opportunity to be critical of DAWN when it openly publishes hate and prejudice against targeted faith groups and or selectively and dishonestly slanders the political opponents of PML N.

This is the same DAWN that tried to create sympathy for LeJ on the day when Malik Ishaq was finally eliminated.

This is the same DAWN that incited hatred against the PPP for being responsible for the excesses of Rao Anwar when in reality, Anwar is being backed by the establishment.

Nayadaur mentions the mob at the end and therefore implies that any other criticism of DAWN will be conflated with this mob.

This is the same DAWN higher ups who slandered and smeared Pakistan’s leading cartoonist Feica on the basis of hearsay and refused an independent investigation that would have cleared up Feica’s name.

Nayadaur does not bother to mention any of this but instead is appearing to admonish any criticism of DAWN and equate such criticism with mob violence.

This is dishonest and reprehensible on the part of Naya Daur. DAWN’s bosses need to be held accountable on the basis of these horrible allegations.

Instead of trying to do damage control for DAWN, Nayadaur needs to be questioned as to why they were denying the horrible culture among DAWN’s current management that lead to this horrible crime.