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27th December: A sad past melds into a positive beginning



12 years ago, to this day, we in Pakistan experienced the tragic assassination of Benazir Bhutto. While the country mourned, the elites revealed themselves by abusing Benazir and celebrating her death. The elites were joined by the ISIS-affiliated Lal Masjid brigade in mocking and celebrating the murder of Benazir Bhutto.

At the time of her murder, it was very clear that Benazir was killed by Pakistan’s ruling establishment. We knew it, the world knew it and the United Nations Report, requested by Zardari and Bilawal, said the same.

Meanwhile, none of us can forget an inebriated Musharraf who claimed that Benazir died because of hitting her head on the sun roof padding.

This is why Bilawal’s courageous politics have sent shock waves to the establishment and their stooges like Niazi. Niazi’s Peshawar Metro is a billion dollar disaster and his response has been to increase the electricity tariffs to cover up his corruption.

Yesterday’s successful rally in Rawalpindi has once again shown that only PPP can thrive under adversity. While our over hyped Che Guevaras have struck deals and run away to London, it is the Bhutto-Zardari’s who are standing firm. It is the Jiyalas of PPP who are talking about crucial issues facing Pakistan.

Of course, the PTI cult and the pathetic gathering of political orphans allied with them can only resort to smear and slander. That is the sum total of this elite, Bhutto-hating, urban chattering class. These are parasites who can do nothing but mock, abuse and project their own corruption on to their opponents.

There will be other times and occasions to nitpick. Just as we miss Benazir Bhutto, we also feel energized by Bilawal’s bold stance to energize a growing part of our youth on the actual issues facing us.