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Blaming Bhutto for Pakistan’s breakup is the pathetic reaction of the chattering classes




All those who insidiously deflect the blame of 1971, from General Yahya to Bhutto, need to watch this clip. By using half truths and out right fabrications to blame Bhutto, you are defending this guy.

1. The easiest trope against Bhutto is the “Idhar Hum, Udhar Tum” rubbish. Bhutto never actually said that and the journalist, the late Abbas Athar who had coined this headline, has offered a clarification on public record when he realized how Junta apologists were misusing his headline.

2. General Yahya apologists then refer to how Bhutto refused to attend the Constituent assembly call that was set up to determine Pakistan’s Constitution under a Martial Law Regime in 90 days. That Bhutto refused this trap is actually credible and highlights that Yahya’s Junta was not only not serious about handing over power to the elected representatives (Awami League and PPP). It also highlights that they wanted to keep the Constitutional body under their control. Pakistan had failed to establish a Constitution for 24 years now.

Clearly, it was intellectually dishonest to expect a Junta-dictated Constitution and it is to Bhutto’s credit to recognize this trap in the clearest possible terms.

3. General Yahya’s apologists then make their weakest argument when they dishonestly blame Bhutto for “refusing to accept Awami League’s mandate”.

But the power was with General Yahya and his Junta of war criminals! And this video shows exactly what Yahya thought. It is his own damning words.

Of course his apologists and PPP phobes claim that Bhutto was the real voice behind not just Yahya but also Ayub. And only for the bad parts. Not including those parts when their (apologists) daddies and uncles were enjoying the loot of Ayub’s oligarchy!

If Bhutto refused, then why did General Yahya and Co send nearly 100,000 troops across 1000 miles to squash a bloody war for liberation? They could have sent 4 jeeps to Larkana from any Southern Sindh Barrack and forcibly acquired Bhutto’s “agreement” by the end of day. Instead of suffering the worst ignominy preceded by human rights violations by them against the then East Pakistanis.

As this video makes clear, General Yahya was in no mood to hand over power. In the end, his regime collapsed days later after General Niazi surrendered to India. By then, massive human rights atrocities had been perpetrated against fellow Pakistanis who now had their own independent state in Bangladesh.

As soon as Yahya’s regime collapsed and General Niazi surrendered, Bhutto freed Mujeeb ur Rahman who had been jailed in the Agartala Conspiracy case cooked up against him by the military dictatorship.

Bhutto not only promptly recognized Bangladesh. He was also greeted to a warm reception when he visited Bangladesh in 1972. Mujeeb did not wait for Bhutto to descend to the tarmac but climbed up to welcome him. In 1974, Bhutto invited and hosted Mujeeb to the OIC conference in spite of hostile resistance from his own constituency.

Still the chattering classes misuse Mujeeb and invent lies to blame Bhutto for 1971.

Still, the chattering classes abuse Bhutto and blame him for the break up of Pakistan.

Blaming Bhutto for Pakistan’s breakup is the pathetic reaction of the chattering classes. They actually never forgave Bhutto for breaking up Pakistan’s entrenched oligarchies.

They never forgave him for exposing Jamaat e Islami and empowering the masses and giving them a voice. The chattering classes never forgave Bhutto for exposing the civil-military bureaucracy of which this class is the direct beneficiary of.

Even Bhutto’s failures were more instructive than anything this useless urban bourgeoisie class has ever done. In the end, they never forgave Bhutto for the Hamood ur Rahman Commission that exposes their Junta hero’s role in Bangladesh during 1971.

سقوط ڈھاکہ سے ایک دن پہلے15 دسمبر 1971ء کو یحی خان کا انٹرویو

Posted by Mahtab Faizan on Friday, December 14, 2018