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There are good things about this verdict and then there are also other ominous warnings

There are good things about this verdict and then there are also other ominous warnings.

The good things are fairly obvious. Pakistan’s Judiciary finally followed the 1973 Constitution- one which many of them have rarely respected if at all.

This is also small closure for Pakistan because the same Musharaf is complicit in the murder of Benazir Bhutto. Mush is also complicit in the murder of Bugti.

Here is where the problems emerge.

The same judiciary also validated and approved Musharaf’s military coup and subversion of the Constitution in 1999. The same judiciary even allowed Musharaf, an illegal military dictator, to distort the Constitution at his whim.

So clearly, it is not as though our judiciary took the correct decision today because they have a clean record, and honest and decent intentions.

If that were the case, they would have called out General Zia ul Haq as well; for his illegal coup in 1977 and subversion of the Constitution.

Peja Mistri correctly points out that there is more to this decision than meets the eye. I may disagree with Comrade Peja on the specifics and I may well be wrong. But one would only ignore Peja’s analysis at their own cost.

He Writes: Takfiri (and anti-takfiri) are terms with very vast meaning I have started to use over the last few months. I intend to write a full article on what these terms mean (in my dictionary) and how do you define this battle between takfiri and anti-takfiri ideology which is not just about extremism but an ideological battle being fought at every level in muslim society in particular and human society in general.

Takfiri group of the generals not only does prescribe to takfiri ideology but also has direct relationship with the takfiri extremists.But it does not mean that anti-takfiri group in the military establishment is “good” guys fighting with takfiri extremists. It is just that the anti-takfiri stands at the other side of line and happens to be fighting with the takfiri group. Musharraf crossed many red lines that cracked open several fault lines in the military establishment which previously appeared as a cohesive homogenous group with a common objective.

Its a very delicate analysis and sometimes it is very hard to maintain the logical flow, Musharraf did take some actions which were detrimental to the ideological foundation of the takfiri group of military establishment. Although I do believe that military establishment of Pakistan over the years had simple objective of their survival along with all the money, power and ruthless power. However I don’t think that there is no other competing objectives. Takfiri extremism is one of the key objective that majority of the high ranking generals in military establishment subscribed to since the days of General Zia. And for many of these generals this objective was much more than money.

But I have always insisted that just like Pakistan’s civil society which is divided into two groups with several shades, Takfiri and non-takfiri. Pakistan’s military has the same composition and diversity. This composition at the higher rank level is reversed where we find more takfiri than non-takfiri but at the lower rank level there is more or less same composition. There is no doubt that Pakistan army has fought against takfiri extremists and have laid their lives. But there is also no doubt that Pakistan army has trained, nurtured and provided safe haven to the takfiri terrorist of every level from a 12 years old kid blasting himself in a mazar to the most wanted terrorist in the world Osama bin Laden.

Musharraf and his associates have somehow found themselves fighting with takfiri extremists. We should not forget that Musharraf had at least one real attempt against his life while he was the chief of army staff it was an unprecedented thing, if he was at that time all powerful general this would have caused a complete cleansing of the military from anti-Musharraf elements but fact is he was a weak general at that time. He was lucky to survive and later on the group found a better way to oust him and now even better way to kill him.

I know sometimes I take positions which are very subtle and hard to maintain.

According to Peja It is now clear that there are divisions within Pakistan’s establishment. Just as similar divisions have emerged in the United States.

The Generals from the General Sattar Sarfaraz group are not on the same page as General Bajwa. Peja describes this phenomenon as the Takfiri vs anti Takfiri lobbies within the establishment. He may well be right although I do not see Musharaf as “anti Takfiri”.

Much of the subsequent mess was due to his policy of a dual game. The intra establishment division is very real and will resolve itself in the next few months. This was another reminder that it is not going in favor of General Bajwa or his Niazi project.

This coward commando is another hero of Pakistan’s chattering classes. Some $20 billion of CSF + massive loan deferments were granted to his regime for essentially being part of a massive fraud by the US to loot its own tax payer dollars.

This money has not been accounted for…..

As the Washington Post revelations proved, US generals in charge of Afghanistan did not have the “foggiest” idea of what they were doing in Afghanistan where over a trillion dollars of US tax payer money have been spent in bolstering Narco terrorists.

Stupid Musharraf could have negotiated for so much more. And tried to be honest. Both beyond his scope.

Chattering class urban Pakistanis also believe the lie peddled by Musharaf that Benazir was killed by her own family. When in fact, the UN report commissioned by then President Zardari exposes the establishment.

On the day that Benazir was tragically assassinated, an inebriated Musharraf came on TV to initially claim that her murder was actually an accident when her head hit the padding of the sun roof – padding that is meant to precisely avoid such injuries.

And this lying, corrupt coward is the hero of Pakistan’s urban upper-middle class chatterers!