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Did Labour lose or the Tories win?




Certainly a shock for those who remained stuck in 2017 when Labour, under the same Corbyn, was close to overturning May’s precarious coalition.

The SNP and Sein Fenn made strides but their gains still cannot explain Labour’s loss of long held constituencies.

The media certainly did not help but the Tories won this election. Labour’s dual policy on #Brexit did them in. It sank them in this election cycle.

And this is part of a global phenomenon. The left is too divided and degenerated by identity politics and has not developed the intellectual vigour to address crucial issues. The left cannot have it both ways.

In many ways, Labour, especially Blairites, remind one of the Dems in America who think they can win by simply positioning themselves as the “lesser of two evils” and smugly lecturing others based solely on identity politics.

Corbyn failed to confront this. Both the Tories and Republicans have reprehensible policies for the people but at least they are clear about their horribleness.

This mess will take a long time to unpack and anyone claiming clarity on this issue should either provide a sensible explanation or admit to their disingenuousness.