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Mourning over CAB law in India should be in context to our own Takfirism – Aamir Hussaini



We are mourning over discriminatory law CAB in India by Modi Sarkar and demanding that International community take the notice of discrimination in a bill for giving nationality only non-Muslim immigrants from Pakistan, Bangladesh and Afghanistan and denying the right of nationality to Muslims immigrants came in India before 2014 passed Loksabha.

Here in Pakistan if an assistant commissioner on Human Rights Day stresses over unity among all communities living in Pakistan while mentioning the name of Ahmediyyah along with other names of Non-Muslim and Muslim communities, she is accused of blasphemy and harassed, threatened by some fanatic minded students and she is called by DC to give explanation and where she faced horrible and threatening attitude by the fanatic mind young students.

It is fact that first through ordinances then making those the part of constitution of 1973 through 8th Amendment passed by a selected Parliament through a fake and bogus election by a dictator minorities in Pakistan have been deprived their basic human rights including freedom of religion and freedom of living according to their faith and freedom of performing their practices in the country.

Now situation is so bad that the guarantees and safeguards that are mentioned in the constitution of 1973 for all minorities are being denied by fanatic individuals and charged Mobs in Pakistan and every time state and governments are blackmailed and surrendered in front of such fanaticism. We are losing moral ground and international community laughs at us, when we protest over religious discrimination occurs in India, or IHK.

Here in Pakistan 22 thousand Shia Muslims were killed due to their Shia identity, 45 thousands such Sunni Muslims were killed who were practitioners of Sufi Practices, even dozens of Deobandi and Salafi Muslims were killed due to their opposition to Takfiri Deobandi and Salafi militancy and extremism in Pakistan.

On what grounds we ask India not to discriminate Muslims or not to discriminatory legislation about Muslim community living in India, when we can not protect the minorities’ rights given in the constitution of 1973 although in dictators’ era many cuts were imposed on those rights?

We are mourning over discriminatory law CAB in India by Modi Sarkar and demanding that International community take the…

Posted by Muhammad Aamir Hussaini on Wednesday, December 11, 2019