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Hamid Mir and his consistency in admiring sectarian political cult of SSP/ASWJ



When Hamid Mir was working in daily Ausaf Islamabad, he conducted an interview with Molvi Azam Tariq and Zia-ur-Rahman farooqi top of the leaders in SSP, an sectarian militant cum political party. That interview was published in color edition on ful page of daily Ausaf Islamabad, Lahore, Multan, Karachi and Azad Kashmir editions.

In intro Hamid Mir introduced SSP as an emerging anti-feudal party in the province of Punjab particularly in Faisalabad Division. He admired the politics of Sipah e Sahaba Pakistan and even not a single sentence he had written in critical way in the intro of the published interview at that time.

He did very misguided and in fact pro-establishment analysis about performance of SSP in local bodies election in Punjab. He mentioned that PPP was the first political party which had shocked the feudal domination in the Punjab but then that itself became party of feudal lords and now it is SSP which is emerging as anti-feudal political party in Punjab.

Actually Hamid Mir was presenting a sophistry based and totally false contrary to facts narrative about formation and origin of SSP. SSP from start was a organization having support in urban municipalities of Faisalabad Division and that support was also manufactured by local administrations due to directions from Ziaulhaqite Establishment. SSP couldn’t make dents in rural constituencies in Faisalabad division till the time when interview was conducted by Hamid Mir. There was urban municipalities where SSP had managed to get many seats of councilors and Chairmanship of only Jhang city and that was not only result of popularity of SSP in Jhang but that victory was also engineered and manufactured.

From 90s till today Hamid Mir’s journalism has one consistency, that is his love for Takfiri and sectarian radical tendency arose from Deobandi Sunni Hanafi tradition particularly for SSP aka #ASWJ.

When Hamid Mir joined daily Jang then he projected and glorified leadership of SSP/ASWJ, Jihadi militant organizations like Harkatul Ansar first and then Jaish e Muhammad.

Like in his journalism in daily Ausaf, in Jang-Geo media group his journalism served more for Alqaeda, Talibanism and Takfirism spread by Takfiri organizations like SSP.

He is included in army of those journalists who glorified Talibanization not only in Pakistan but in Afghanistan also. His heroes were Osama bin Laden, Mullah Umar, Haqnawaz Jhangvi, Azam Tariq, Ziaurahman Farooqi, Maulana Samiulhaq.

We have watch on TV screen him delivering emotional speech on funeral ceremony of Sami ul Haq, speaking in support of Taliban even on first death anniversary of martyred Dr. Sarfraz Naeemi in presence of Shahbaz Sharif. He promoted and projected Muhammad Ahmed Ludhiyanvi as ‘ambassador of peace’ in his popular TV talk show ‘Capital Talk’ on Geo TV like other so called anti-Establishment anchors-cum journalist(Talat Husain, Najam Sethi, Ijaz Haider and others). He admitted that Muhammad Ahmad Ludhiyanvi, Col(r) Khalid Khawaja and other notorious actors of Jihadi and Takfiri proxies and projects were/are his friends in Public.

Recently once again he showed his love and devotion for Maulana Fazal ur Rahman in Public. In a video clip we saw him admiring clean and pious congregation in Islamabad organized by Fazal’s JUI and taunting Imran Khan-Qadri’s Dharna while mocking girls and women’s participation due to wearing colorful and modern dresses.

He had tried to misguide reporters and journalists from international media who had come to cover sit-in of Shia Muslim community organized in Islamabad and to obfuscate Shia Genocide in Pakistan through false binaries like Shia-Sunni conflict, Iran-Saudi proxies etc.

Hamid Mir in his columns and Talk Show advocated of imposing restrictions on Procession of mourning of Imam Hussain and Birth Anniversary processions of Holy Prophet Muhammad صلی اللہ علیہ وآلہ وسلم and argued that Pakistani economy suffers and citizens of Pakistan suffers, such false and contrary to the facts sophistry in fact first of all was propagated by Takfiri groups like SSP/ASWJ. In fact in the name of sufferings of citizens during Ashura or Milad month it was act of blaming the victims of faith based violence and terrorism, which had forced the governments to cordon off and seized the Procession routes.

Despite such oddly and shameful partisan journalism in support of sectarian, Jihadist and Takfiri elements Hamid Mir is still a progressive, anti-establishment and liberal iconic journalist in a big section of liberals and so called lefties.

In case of analysis about genesis of SSP/ASWJ and genesis of Takfirism, sectarianism, Jihadism and faith based militancy and violence emerged from Deobandi sect not only Hamid Mir but there are many more so called anti-establishment, Pro-democratic Journalists obfuscated the facts or twisted them and thus tend to create apologetic tendency about them.

We have seen long and in-detail interviews of Ludhiyanvi and Tahir Ashrafi in weekly ‘Friday Times’ and appearing Tahir Ashrafi as co-host in TV talk shows with so called liberal anchors like in TV Talk Show ‘Mien Our Maulana’ with Raza Rumi. As Hamid Mir projected Ludhiyanvi as Ambassador of Peace, Najam Sethi not only Ludhiyanvi but Ashrafi as moderate and Liberal cleric despite his venomous campaign against Salman Taseer, Asia Bibi.

Despite their dishonesty, committing of big fouls, their tendency of inclination to sectarianism and opportunism journalists cum anchors like Hamid Mir, Najam Sethi are romanticized and admired by so called educated middle chattering class of Pakistan.

They are radical and iconic journalists in eyes of chattering middle class living in big urban cities and they are admired their rebellious paraphrasing in literary and cultural festivals by liberals and some lefties, particularly when they make a artificial rags on censorship, controlling the media and public despite their ass licking of media owners.

Recently Hamid Mir, Asma Sherazi, Mazhar Abbas and Wusat Ullah Khan made rebellious paraphrasing while talking on freedom of press and plight of working journalists in the media industry in a session of 12th International Urdu Conference at Karachi Arts Council and they received a lot of admiration from section of Urban chattering class wearing liberal and left masks but such duffers didn’t dare to ask these so called radicals about their criminal silence over expulsions and forced terminations of hundreds of journalists without paying dues from Geo-Jang, Dawn, Aaj and others media groups.

Hamid Mir gets Rs 45 lac salary from Mir Shakeel Ur Rahman aka MSR Don which is equal to total budget of salaries of employees working in daily The News International Karachi. ( This figure is confirmed and I got it from accounts and admin section of the The News International Karachi station) Mazhar Abbas gets more than Rs 20 Lac. Neither Hamid Mir nor Mazhar Abbas stood along with expelled and terminated journalists from Geo, Jang, Inqlab and Awaz and not along with those who are still not being paid their dues against MSR Don.

Dawn Media group has also terminated dozens of employees, closed monthly Herald magazine, closed regional offices from Hyderabad, Faisalabad, Bahawalpur etc, terminated many employees working there and didn’t give there dues. Cartoonist Feica says that he was given Rs 30 lac instead of 70 lac and he was paid Rs 30 lac because friends and fans of Feica had run an effective campaign over this injustice.

He says he had deserved for Award for Press Freedom from International Press bodies but mafia sitting in media groups like DAWN and Geo-Jang groups sent the names who are in fact integral part of commercial liberal mafia and ass-lickers of media owners like Zafar Abbas, Hamid Mir and even Asma Sherazi.

darlings of media owners like Hamid Mir, Zafar Abbas, Shahzeb Khanzada, Asma Sherazi, Kashif Abbasi, Arshad Sharif, Sabir Shakir, Mubashir Luqman, Dr. Danish and Bla Bla get salaries in millions but one one side hundreds of regular on third-part contract reporters gets in thousands without many basic perks(and irregularity in paying their salaries is consistent practice and sword of termination always hangs over their heads) and on other side there are thousands of district and city reporters in all over the country are working without out any salary, even now many TV channels are not issuing even them authority letters to them. Why consciences of champions of Press Freedom like Hamid Mir, Zafar Abbas, Asma Sherazi, Sohail Warraich, Mazhar Abbas, Sabir Shakir, Wusatullah Khan, Shazeb Khanzada, Kamran Khan have not awaken for such bonded and slave reporters of TV channels and newspapers?

Media owners and their darling anchors and elite reporters either they are in camp of radical, progressive and liberal camp or pseudo patriot-positivist camp in fact are in network-cum mafia of exploiting and oppressing class. They are sellouts thugs.