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There is no generosity in giving away the loot – by AZ




A thinker I respect likened Malik Riaz to Robin Hood.

This is fallacious thinking on many counts. Here are a few:

– Robin Hood symbolized rebellion against an exploitative system. Malik Riaz is a complete crook.

– Robin Hood snatched from the rich, this man steals from the poor, that’s what stealing from the state amounts to. It always comes at the expense of the poorest. This is the most important point, anyone who steals from a modern state, does it at the expense of the poor and not the rich.

– There is no generosity in giving away the loot, it’s just one of the many ways for the ego to manifest itself.

– There is absolutely no redemption in such financial, emotional, spiritual, or religious cleansing – like doing charity or performing pilgrimages from tainted money. Being upright and doing the right thing in the first place is what matters. A heart that truly transforms itself atones itself by acknowledging the guilt and accepting the punishment.