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Bilawal Bhutto Zardari is standing in solidarity with DAWN after its offices were surrounded by a pro Government mob



This is Bilawal Bhutto Zardari standing in solidarity with DAWN after its offices were surrounded by a pro (PTI) Government mob.

DAWN is a corporate media group that is both virulently anti-PPP and has degenerating into becoming a mouthpiece for crony capitalist El Chapos like the Nawaz Sharif dynasty.

DAWN has gone out of its way to smear and slander the Bhuttos, PPP and the Sindh Government while covering up the failures of the PML N and PTI in KPK and Punjab.

So respect to Bilawal for taking a principled stand. No matter how scummy, degenerate and dishonest media groups like DAWN are, they have the right to editorial freedom. And ironically, none of the Sharif family have as yet down what Bilawal has done. They just issued a token statement from a second tier flunkey.

In this case, DAWN highlighted and played up the Pakistani origins of a Deobandi Wahhabi British terrorist who committed the horrific violence in London last week.

DAWN played into the hands of the commercial liberal lobby that works overtime to absolve horrific British foreign policy. Usman Khan is very much a product of British foreign policy that has Wahhabi Salafi Deobandi (WSD) terrorists as a cornerstone of its foreign policy in Syria, Libya, Yemen etc

Nonetheless, this does not justify mob violence. Even pseudo journalists at a Patwari PML N mouthpiece have rights. And this is the difference between PPP and the rest.

The ability to stand up for those who have made a career of slandering PPP and its leaders is what makes many of us appreciate them as the only viable political entity in Pakistan.

Shame on the Niazi PTI regime for allowing mob intimidation against corporate media groups. Imran Khan Niazi could have written an editorial to highlight this stupidity and obfuscation on the part of DAWN. Of course.

Of course, this is not in PTI’s DNA.

On the other hand I came across this fascinating discussion, in another group, where MQM supporters were abusing the late #BenazirBhutto about a speech of hers in Sindhi. They called her racist and corrupt and extrapolated the same sentiments to all Sindhis.

The usual tropes were flung about how “ Sindhis are lazy, entitled and Good for nothing”. These tropes have been used by PML N hacks like #NajamSethi for his chauvinist slander against PPP.

And then someone tagged a Sindhi speaking person to translate what Benazir actually said.

Apparently, Benazir was actually berating her audience for setting for government jobs. She encouraged them to strive harder and apply for private sector jobs and provided complimentary examples of how Pakistan’s diverse ethnic groups were succeeding in the private sector.

In short, her actual speech in Sindhi was pretty much the opposite of the slander against her and Sindhi-Baloch in general. This is sadly not an isolated instance of anti-Sindhi racism in general.

These racist tropes are used as political point scoring against opposition parties like the PPP. Ironically, the PPP was founded in Lahore and remained popular in Punjab till the 2010’s when large sections of its leadership in the Punjab were made to “defect” to establishment Deep State parties like the PTI.

While PPP’s performance cannot be absolved, it would be intellectually dishonest to ignore the role of PML N using the State machinery to attack the PPP in Punjab. Nor can we ignore the role of Pakistan’s intelligence agencies of splintering PPP to create a field of electables for PTI.

That is why the anti-Sindhi trope to attack PPP and its murdered leaders is so pathetic. The most oppressive feudal entity of Sindh is Pir Pagara.

However, Pir Pagara has not been a part of any PPP Government since the 1980s. Ironically, many of these feudals (Pagaras, Jatois, Arbabs, Kehers etc) have been a part of every MQM, PML N and PTI government since the 1980s.