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Imran Khan Niazi’s Political “success” is precisely what’s wrong with Pakistan’s Urban bourgeoisie



On every topic, Niazi rhetoric is not just insufferable and smug. It is plain ludicrous.

From failed economic promises to hijacking credit for things not accomplished due to the PTI regime, it has been a disaster.

This disaster is as bad as Niazi’s hypocrisy on financial corruption. After all, this is the man who made his career from begging for offshore donations and whose 150,000 Square Yard Estate in Bani Gala screams Audit.

And now his rubbish on student unions.

Imran Niazi wants to “Enforce” a “Comprehensive” “code” and repeats the tropes about how student unions destroyed university campuses.

In reality, it was the free hand given to Jamaat e Islami and its various offshoots that devastated student politics in Pakistan. PML N, MQM and PTI all emerged out of the Jamaat e Islami (JI).

JI dominates university campuses all over Pakistan and is allowed to operate with scant respect to the law and to basic norms of decency. It is a misogynist and sectarian organization that is rooted in fascism and smut.

Which brings us to Niazi’s pompous declaration with regards to student unions. The idea of enforcing a code defeats the very purpose of student unions.

Some of us were critical of the intellectual dishonesty of sections of the left and their mealy mouthed narratives. But we support their right to exist and practice their politics just as long as we have a right to call out dishonesty by some of them.

PTI supporters are upset that those criticizing the Niazi regime have not included all of Imran Khan’s tweet.

Relax. Here it is. And it is worst than his initial tweets for the reasons highlighted above.

Still, one can at least give credit to Imran Khan Niazi for at least having a position; pathetic as it is.

The PML N Patwaris don’t have any substantive position on this aside from tokenisms released by their flunkeys. Where are the Sharif’s? Where are Humza, Shahbaz, Nawaz and the rest of that crony capitalist family?

It’s not like PPP where Bilawal Bhutto Zardari comes out with a clear statement of support for student unions – some of whom still engage in petty slander and hate against PPP and Bilawal’s family.