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Usman Khan is a Stark reminder of England’s disastrous policy of supporting Al Qaeda against Syria



Parts of the left have been too damaged by identity politics and political correctness to address the situation. Meanwhile, the Right wants to hold all 1.8 billion Muslims responsible for the acts committed by WSD (Wahhabi Salafi Deobandi) Takfiri terrorists.

Both sides are dishonest and are thus limited to false narratives. England remains a lap dog to the deleterious policies started by the Bush, Obama/Clinton regimes. It is these policies that have allowed Al Qaeda to metastasis.

7/7 (2005) and Manchester (2017) should have created more awareness. Instead, even after Usman Khan’s recent murderous spree, the discourse on Takfiri terrorism is as muddled as ever.

– England, along with Saudi Arabia, Turkey, United States, Israel, Qatar etc still supports Al Qaeda in Syria

– the discourse on Takfiri terrorism still remains as vague and opaque as ever. There is little to no mention of identifying terms represented by the WSD abbreviation.

– lefty liberals in Pakistan have a century old soft corner with Takfiris given the (Indian) Congress Party’s ties with Darul Uloom and Ahrar. Pakistani liberals have the same romantic view of the Ommayad and Abbasiad Caliphate that Al Qaeda and ISIS have. Every Muharram, some Pakistani liberals compose puff piece praising Yazeed Bin Muawiya – a major inspiration for ISIS.

– while Pakistan’s Establishment has reduced ties with Takfiri terrorism, such elements are still given too much space to operate

– WSD Takfiris are the linchpin and beneficiaries of Western foreign policy in Syria, Libya, Yemen and Somalia.

In 2012, Usman Khan was arrested before he and his gang could perpetrate horrific acts of terrorism in England. At that time, this group sought its inspiration from Al Qaeda’s Inspire magazine and wanted to set up an Al Qaeda affiliate in Kashmir.

But the English authorities and the West in general continue to back Al Qaeda in Syria. Al Qaeda is most limited to Idlib after the Syrian Government’s push back that was supported by Russia. However, the United States remains fervently committed to protecting Al Qaeda in Syria.