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The Clash of Establishments Vol XXI



So an extension was given. Kind of.

The PTI got a bloody nose and were cut down to size. For months, the PTI-MQM-GDA Niazi regime wanted to overthrow the elected PPP Sindh Government. But it was actually Punjab where PTI was cut down to size.

The Punjab IG and Chief Secretary were changed. General Asim Bajwa (General Raheel’s spokesperson) was put in charge of CPEC. Other generals were shuffled.

Far from acting independently, the judiciary was once again used to cut a (puppet) civilian government down to size. Much as many of us are justifiably disappointed with the Selected Niazi PTI regime, it is the civilian government that should decide who goes or stays in charge of public institutions.

Such decisions should never be made in the Courts – another unelected bureaucracy urgently in need of drastic changes. The sheer incompetency of the PTI Government made this interference not only possible but also successful.

For over a decade, since the General Kyani-Nawaz Sharif sponsored “Liars Movement”, it has become clear that there are different camps and layers within Pakistan’s Deep State. Even the Dominant player in this Deep State is not always moving in the same direction.

It is unclear whether General Bajwa even wanted this extension or whether it was the desperate Niazi regime that could not survive without its Daddy. Whatever is the case, the PTI Government has been put firmly in its place. A collection of turncoats and failed politicians, headed by an arrogant duffer whose sole qualification is to smear and abuse real political leaders like the Bhutto-Zardaris.

Post Script: The Court case regarding this extension was a negotiation. The two sides of the Establishment were haggling while the witless PTI Regime was hopping around like headless chickens.