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The Case of the Burnt Extension



In the Byzantine power tussle between the two warring factions of Pakistan’s establishment, the People as always, end up with losing.

Some of us have have highlighted this inter establishment tussle since 2007; when the military dictator Musharraf fell out with his own Junta and was eased out by ISI chief General Kyani.

Kyani used the Judiciary. Just as today, the judiciary is being used to politely inform COAS General Bajwa that his time is up. And with that, it is likely that the time of his selected stooge Niazi is also up.

This is not a victory for the Rule of law or Civilian supremacy; just another power balance between un-elected institutions and the competing layers within these institutions.

Justice Khosa has overseen the release of dangerous WSD terrorists and was part of the Judicial intrigued against the former, elected Prime Minister Yusuf Raza Gillani.

Justice Khosa likes to play the moralist by quoting Balzac and Hemingway and is ostensibly part of the judiciary that is beholden to the Sharif political dynasty.

The game being played over the extension of General Bajwa is Central to the power struggle between the Pro and Anti Nawaz wings of the Establishment.

Both elite wings loathe the masses and political parties like the PPP whose essential DNA is still moored in a people-based political system.

The General Bajwa wing of the establishment weakened itself by placing its political fortunes in the laps of fellow duffers like Imran Khan.

Nawaz Sharif’s deal and temporary shopping vacation to London clearly did raise alarm bells in the witless PTI government.

Expect things to happen rapidly if Bajwa’s extension is not eventually ratified. If this happens, expect the PTI government to come under extreme pressure and buckle like previous selected PML N regimes.

Expect a cosmetic improvement in Pakistan’s flailing economy and continued persecution of PPP.