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Wahhabi Nationalist joins the smear campaign Against US Congresswoman and War Veteran

Linda Sarsour, who peddles the line of Saudi-funded Wahhabi sectarian groups like CAIR is the latest to regurgitate tired tropes and smears against Rep Tulsi Gabbard.

Aside from cozying up to Saudi-funded Muslim Brotherhood groups like CAIR, Linda Sarsour has said some vicious and nasty things against women activists.

She literally threatened castration against Ayaan Hirsi Ali; in a manner that evokes the nasty and misogynist locker room talk of President Trump. Linda is an avid Saudi apologist and is often cozying up to Saudi funded CAIR sectarians.

In Syria, it is very clear who the “right” and the “left” are. The “right” is the group of Wahabbi fanatics that seek to overthrow the Syrian government. The stated goal of many, if not all, of the different groups working to overthrow the Syrian government, is to end religious freedom and establish a government in Syria similar to that of Saudi Arabia. https://www.mintpressnews.com/syria-linda-sarsour-the-new-left-new-right/227441/

Sarsour’s Pro Al Qaeda stance on Syria should be an embarrassment for the Sander’s campaign.

House Leader, Nancy Pelosi was also part of this event in Modi’s honor. The Clintons, Obamas, and Biden have all welcomed and befriend Modi, the twice-elected Prime Minister of India.

Has Linda confronted Rep Ro Khanna for his being an important guest at a 2015 SAP Centre event hosting Prime Minister Modi? Ro Khanna is a leading Sander’s delegate.

Linda, like others, is only singling out Tulsi because the latter is a practicing Hindu and a person of color.

This disproportionate allegation is clearly without merit as the 38-year old Congresswoman Tulsi was kept out of her own party’s debate and is smeared and slandered relentlessly by US mainstream media. To portray her as having disproportionate influence in the United States is clearly without merit.Does that make her support for Modi ok. No, it does not. But to single her out is intellectual dishonesty.

This selective Guilt By Association trope against Tulsi Gabbard is a sectarian and racist attack since it is clearly not being applied against others.

Senator Sanders should condemn these smears against Tulsi Gabbard. She was the one who stood up for him when the DNC was rigging the 2016 primaries against Sanders. Especially when She has no Faith in the Sanders campaign as evidenced by this tweet:

Where was Linda Sarsour when Tulsi was literally taking it on the chin for Bernie? She was too busy making disturbing misogynist attacks while peddling Ikhwan propaganda against Syria or having second thoughts about supporting Bernie.

A Wahhabi Nationalist and Saudi apologist who has remained silent on the Genocide in Yemen will obviously smear a serving Congresswoman who opposes supporting Al Qaeda in Syria.