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Elitist Left posers demand Freedom from Former President Zardari



Elitist Left posers demand Freedom from Former President Zardari – himself currently a political prisoner of the Niazi regime!

Recently I shared a video of young students posing as leftists. The students were from the middle to upper classes, and chanting slogans against sections of Pakistan’s establishment.

These leftist posers curiously left out the sellout media and the biased judiciary from their 10 minute rant. Apparently, they conflated Zardari with Imran Khan Niazi, Sharif family and General Bajwa.

This is absurd. One can disagree with Zardari but it is a fact that he spent 11 years in jail on politically motivated charges by Najam Sethi and Nawaz Sharif. Later on, these charges were debunked, when even the judge (Qayoom) was caught taking sentencing instructions from the Sharif family and their flunkeys.

Zardari was finally released after 11 years. But soon after, Benazir Bhutto was murdered for standing up to the establishment’ policy of playing double games in their fight against the Taliban terrorists.

Senior PPP leaders either betrayed the party (like Aitzaz) or threw in the towel. It was then that Zardari took control of the party and lead it to another electoral victory in the 2008 elections.

Today, Zardari is once again being detained. The manufactured case against him has collapsed due to its absurdity. Yet, the courts refuse to expedite the case while NAB, the “government” body continues to deny relief to Zardari.

In spite of far worse health than Nawaz Sharif, Zardari has refused to beg and plead for a deal like the Sharif’s just did.

The Sharifs have the Lahore High Court and the Supreme Court as their in-house legal department. Meanwhile, the Sindh High Court is more focused on strangling PPP’s elected Sindh Government by intruding in the police, health and civic issues of the Sindh Government.

These young students need to ask themselves as to why they can fall for such dishonest sloganeering .

Where instead of demanding the release of political prisoners, they are actually demanding freedom from political prisoners. How pathetic!!

This is not just on them but on their corrupted parents and mentors. The left has been deeply compromised in Pakistan.

Before 1960, the China faction of Pakistan’s left is said to have betrayed and caused the torture and disappearance of Hassan Nasir. Hassan is one of the founding fathers of left politics in Pakistan and his betrayal, ostensibly by his own, is indicative of where the left was headed towards.

In the 1960s, the beneficiary of Pakistan’s most prominent feudal family, Tariq Ali, fled to England.

Tariq is another leftist poser whose revolutions were limited to university canteens and college cafes.

In the 1970 elections, both the China and Soviet left factions refused to support the left PPP. Which still went on to sweep the elections in then West Pakistan.

Both in 1977 and 2007, Pakistan’s compromises left marched with Jamaat e Islami. Today, they survive on the crumbs of Right wind, Ziaist Establishment parties like the PML N.

I should have been more careful when I uncritically shared the video of these posers.

Thank you Zuhair Abbas and Asif Syed for alerting me to the dishonesty of these posers.

PPP should be more careful than to support these silly sellouts on its hard earned social media pages. These posers and their parents stabbed PPP. They will spend a few hours chanting slogans before they too join the previous generation of sellouts.