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Imran Khan’s PTI employs a Child Rapist as a Consultant to their Government, pays him 300,000



Imran Khan and PTI have positioned themselves as pure, faultless. They never take any responsibility, even though they are in the second year of their government.

They have gone back on all their tall and stupid claims during the elections and before and have left Pakistan in the worst financial and foreign policy crisis in a decade.

Imran Khan made his political career as a Taliban apologist and a vicious mudslinging smear merchant against Benazir Bhutto and the PPP.

Like Nawaz Sharif, a Ziaist stooge, Imran Khan is backed by the security establishment. He praises the corrupt, right wing crony capitalist era of former dictators like Ayub Khan and Musharaf. His ruling party is filled with various turncoats including many who served under military dictators. This in and of itself is not as much of a problem when a political leader is strong and has a vision. The problem is that Imran Khan is mentally weak and arrogant to boot. Unless it comes to kowtowing to his military handlers.

His supporters are the urban educated elites – many of whom are the off spring of the civil-military bureaucracy.

Like Imran Khan, his supporters are averse to ground realities or accepting responsibility.

The Express Tribune conveniently leaves out the fact that the Government in the KPK province (as well as the Federal Center) is under PTI.

They (Express Tribune) would never have done this if this serious error in judgement was under a PPP government which are always under pressure from the Deep State.

Hypocritical opportunists like #JibranNasir will not highlight this issue in the same way that he does with PPP.

Let’s put pressure on this opportunist to name and shame.
“Rawalpindi CCPO Faisal Rana announced the arrest of the suspect, Sohail Ayaz, and said he had admitted to assaulting at least 30 children.

The suspect would also upload videos of the assaults to the dark web.

As per the officer, Sohail was arrested for raping a 13-year-old boy and filming the ordeal.

The officer said Sohail was a chartered accountant and an expert on the dark web. He belongs to the Nilour area of Islamabad.

At the time of the arrest, he was serving as a consultant for the Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa (K-P) government, earning Rs300,000 per month.”

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