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Kartarpur Corridor opening is a good thing but could have happened 30 years ago when Benazir Bhutto wanted it



Pakistan’s establishment welcoming Sikhs is a good thing. We all wish they had allowed Benazir to do this 30 years ago when she wanted to.

Similarly, whether it is Imran Khan Niazi sitting with Sikhs or Bilawal Bhutto Zardari supporting the faith practices of Hindus, it is a good thing. We just wish Imran Khan, MQM and PML N supporters did not abuse Bilawal for being sympathetic to different devotional faith rituals. Double standards and all that.

The opening of the Kartarpur Corridor is a good thing and should have happened long ago. At least 30 years ago when Benazir Bhutto wanted it. At that time, an establishment stooge Nawaz Sharif was used to malign Benazir Bhutto as a “security risk”.

This issue highlights the dichotomy between civilian rule and the Deep State which has existed from Day 1.

Or actually Day -3 when Jinnah’s August 11th 1947 address stressing for a Non-Theocratic/Secular State remains shrouded in doubt and censorship.

When the State wants, minorities in Pakistan can breathe a sigh of relief even under the selected regime of a former Taliban apologist.

It seems that Pakistan’s Deep State is not that keen on using the religion card anymore. And why would they. The PPP has been crushed and the crony capitalist, paper tiger PML N deal makers were never a serious threat anyway.

This is one of the fundamental problems with Pakistan’s liberal intelligentsia. They have always denied and lied about the actual power in Pakistan. Instead, this compromised and corrupted groups of liberals can only go after easy targets and low hanging fruit.

Case in point is 1974. Few talk about the anti Ahmadi riots, the disturbing debate in parliament and the unanimous vote for the 2nd Amendment. Everything is blamed on Bhutto while the Jamaat e Islami is absolved.

Because the same liberals who decry the 2nd Amendment marched with the same Jamaat e Islami, to usher in General Zia ul Haq’s dictatorship. And it was General Zia’s SRO’s that weaponized the (discriminatory) laws against the Ahmadis.

In 2007, the same liberals once again marched with Jamaat e Islami and General Hamid Gul. The liberal platform was to support a corrupt and compromised judge. This corrupt judge, Iftikhar Chaudhry, committed multiple Constitutional crimes by supporting the dictatorship of General Musharaf. From 2007-2013, Pakistani liberals, with few exceptions, supported the disastrous Pro Taliban judiciary of Iftikhar Chaudhry.

Both the Jamaati and the liberal discourse in Pakistan largely comes from the same source. And both sources converge in their contempt for the people of Pakistan.