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The Che Guevara of Pakistani liberals cuts another deal


Most Pakistanis don’t want Nawaz Sharif to die because of medical negligence. But we are not the ones dishonestly propping up a cowardly crony capitalist like Nawaz Sharif as the next Bhagat Singh, Bhutto or Che Guevara. We recognize him for the petty, vindictive, spineless, corrupt, backstabbing Paya Khor that he really is.

It speaks volumes about both Imran Khan and Nawaz Sharif that there is not one hospital in the Punjab or KPK that can manage Nawaz Sharif’s (largely self inflicted) health problems.

Punjab has been in Nawaz Sharif’s hands far longer than PPP has governed Sindh. And in Sindh, the judiciary and opposition has never given the free hand that PML N enjoyed for over 40 years.

During the Musharaf years, PML N melted into PML Q and then back again. It was never targeted the way PPP has been.

And yet, it is PPP leader Asif Ali Zardari who has refused bail and who has refused to bow down to what is clearly a vicious campaign of political vengeance.

The paid sycophants of Nawaz Sharif object whenever their spineless hero is exposed.

In 1989-90, Nawaz Sharif collaborated with Generals and Osama Bin Laden to undermine and overthrow Benazir Bhutto’s elected government.

His entire career has been based on rigged elections. Sometimes by generals. Sometimes by judges. And some times by Sipah e Sahaba Taliban. Actually, at all times, Nawaz Sharif has had the backing of all three as well as a compromised and sold out media.

After 1999, Nawaz Sharif quickly struck a deal to run away to Jeddah. In 2007, he broke that deal and struck another one with General Kiani against Musharaf.

From 2007-2014, Nawaz Sharif undermined the PPP government and supported Takfiri terrorists every time.

The PPP Government implored him to support their judicial reforms. Nawaz Sharif refused and in 2017, was kicked out using the same General Zia clause that PPP wanted to amend and he (Nawaz) wanted to maintain thinking he could use it against PPP.

Comparing Nawaz Sharif to a rat or a scorpion is an insult to the latter. His lefty liberal media team will continue to blindly support this failed right wing politician.

And given the faltering state of the PTI government, he or his PML will be brought back to power in some form or the other.

There are ample reasons to protest and bring the witless and selected PTI government under pressure. Aside from deluded PTI supporters, the current regime has failed to take Pakistan out from the economic crisis that was the result of 5 years of “Gud Governance” by PML N.

What seems more likely is that the PML N wing of the Core Selectors have bailed out their chosen one to be reinstalled after some time.

PPP must continue on its own path. So far, credit to Bilawal for keeping his support to the protests on the issues facing Pakistan. As opposed to the spineless PML N and the Sharif dynasty for making this all about themselves.

Meanwhile, Former Pakistan President Asif Ali Zardari had voluntarily abrogated his powers to dissolve the elected parliament via the 18th Amendment. He is being detained without being convicted and is seriously ill.

The case against Zardari is even more weaker than Imran Khan’s intellect.

What started out as a snazzy PowerPoint presentation of a grand conspiracy alleging billions in corruption, is now whittled down to a $90,000 payment from one sugar producer to a vendor – from a business entity that Zardari resigned from in 2008!

This investigation took place across 2 rabidly anti-PPP regimes and was based on politically-motivated charges from Nawaz Sharif.

Nawaz has run away once again.

In 1999 and 2019, Nawaz Sharif has proven to be the coward that many of us knew all along.

Of course, for Pakistani liberals, Mauvia Marxists and corporate NGO leftists, Nawaz Sharif is still celebrated as the second coming of Che Guevara and Zapata.