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Disgusting to see opportunists like Jibran Nasir resorting to dishonesty to malign Bilawal

I am not in favor of PPP supporting JUI F march. At the same time, It is disgusting to see opportunists like #JibranNasir and his toadies resorting to fraud and dishonesty to malign Bilawal.

Jibran superimposed two separate clips of JUI F for his cheap tactics to show Bilawal laughing while Fazlu was talking about blasphemy. This is not true and I am glad that Zuhair Abbas has debunked this categorically.

Why does Jibran resort to such dishonesty and fraud?

And why do his toadies latch on to every falsehood of his even thought it hurts them. For example, in a La Takfir conference, Jibran chided those mourning for Khurram Zaki. He reduced the genocide of their faith community as just a squabble between two Arab families.

These are the sectarian polemics used by Zakir Naik, Farhat Hashmi, Ibne Taymiyay, ISIS and fringe bigots among Pakistan’s corporate-NGO lefty liberals.

Still, his toadies continue to latch on to Jibran’s lies and deceitful hate tactics.

Few of us are happy that PPP has to make an alliance with PML N and JUI F. This is the result of the elected opposition being pushed to the wall by the military establishment. In spite of crushing dissent and opposition to his pathetic rule, the selected prime minister, Imran Khan, has still failed to address the burning issues of FATF, the economy, the federation and foreign policy.

Here again, Jibran also exposes his selective biases. PTI and PML N were the leading apologists for Taliban right until the 2014 APS massacre after which they just kept quite. MQM with Mustafa Kamal etc allowed Takfiri groups to grow unchecked during their 35 years of domination in Urban Sindh.

But of course. Jibran can only take on PPP and that too, using cheap and dishonest tactics.