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Liberation Tigers of Tamil Elam’s terrorism can’t be compared with Wahhabi Terrorism – Aamir Hussaini



LTTE first of all started their struggle as revolutionary Maoist Organization and they restricted themselves just to armed struggle against Sari Lankan government and its machinery. Later they turned to violence and terror against innocent citizens after that they lost all support from progressive forces.

But Wahhabi type faith based Militancy was from first day violent and terrorist against every that person and man who didn’t accept their violent ideology. From very first day they were proxies of imperialist powers or supported by global capitalist block against left oriented popular democratic uprisings in Muslim majority countries.

From Abdullah azzam to all so called Mujahideen from Afghanistan, Pakistani and others countries gathered either Afghanistan or later they went to central Asia, Russia, North Africa were getting dollars, Riyals and earning massive money through smuggling of narcotics and weapons. They in fact destroyed every national resistance movement and every popular social democratic struggle against injustice and dictatorship or monarchy.

So to say that suppression and injustice to population of Muslim majority countries by West and their stooge forced Today’s Wahhabi Muslim fundamentalist to turn terrorism and violence is in fact sophistry.

Wahabi faith based militancy including Takfiri plus Jihadi Deobandi militancy never was outcome of suppression and oppression of Imperialism or colonialism but it was from first day reactionary right wing terrorist set up created by Imperialist and their stooges in Muslim countries to destroy the progressive democratic left leaning popular movements.

To give the example of Japanese suicide-bomber is totally false because Japan was itself a imperialist oppressor country and its ruling class was not oppressed.

Majority Muslims in third world remained supporter of Secular democratic left oriented movements and they suffered much due to this by fundamentalists, who had used to declare secularism Kufar, apostasy.