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Trump wants to milk the Saudis to the last American dollar



According to the leaked emails of the US ambassador to Saudi Arabia, the Saudis wants the US to fight Iran to the last American soldier but the US is equally responsible for the ongoing conflicts and hostilities in the Middle East.

As soon as President Trump was elected in the US, the US establishment brainwashed him about everything he promised during his election campaign and was saying even before that, Obviously Netanyahu and MBS played a major role in this as well. Before he was elected Trump actually blamed Saudi Arabia for 9/11 and terrorism worldwide which is no less than a truth because every time there has been an act of Islamist terrorism in the west, we have seen those involved have been somehow connected to a Saudi backed Wahhabi-Deobandi network including Saudi funded mosques or Madrissas. Trump has changed his position since then and now blames Iran for terrorism and by doing this he is making sure that Arab countries look towards US for their defence against Iran.

Trump continues US support to KSA for MBS’s war in Yemen just like Obama Administration, Hillary would have done the same but she would have done it in the name of fighting extremism or fighting to restore KSA backed Democracy in Yemen. Yes. KSA backed Democracy (Ironic), but Trump is pretty much open about it. It is all about Dollars and Dollars alone. He doesn’t care about the so called US strategic alliance with Arab countries against Iran, alliance that is actually for the protection of Israel and US interests in the Middle east. Trump wants to Milk the Saudis to the last American dollars.

The attack on Saudi Oil facilities has shown how the Yemenis are capable of hitting the enemies where it hurt the most and by doing it so they’ve made Saudis think is all the American weapons worth it? What if the Yemenis do it again? It only takes handful of Suicide drones to knock out more than 50% of Saudi oil Production. If they do it again the damage will be much worse but the last attack has caused shock waves amongst the US allies in the Middle East and even in US.

If Yemenis can cause such a huge damage, what could Iran do with all those missiles and drones? Despite dozens of Patriots batteries meant to defend Saudi oil Facilities the Yemenis were successful in hitting those facilities. The US is there to milk the cow but not to defend it. The soon the Saudis understand it; the better it would be for them and their oil Production. UAE understood it months ago when a Yemeni drone hit Abu Dhabi airport and pulled out from Yemen. They were quick to realize that they are vulnerable and remember UAE is far away than the Saudi oil installations. MBS has no other option but to learn from MBZ who is more cunning when it comes to dealing with the regional problems that are mostly created by none other than the US and US allies. Do the Saudis have any other option? I don’t think so.