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PPP should be wary of PML N’s Lifafa journalists



For the last year and a half, many of us have advised PPP leadership and Jiyalas to be careful of the Patwari trolls and Lifafa Liberals of PML N.

Imad Zafar’s recent column in the Asia Times is a perfect example of this psychosis going on inside PML N and the emerging split between Shahbaz and Nawaz Sharif.

Desperate to make their client relevant in Pakistan’s national politics, Patwari trolls and Lifafa liberals can go to any extant – including the re-rewriting of Pakistan’s past and present and assaulting our common sense.

Imad Zafar’s article is the typical Patwari hagiography. Nawaz is painted as the epitome of defiance, JUI F is the answer. Yes, we are now supposed to believe that an urban, chauvinist party of crony capitalists and Establishment sectarian like the JUI are the answer to Pakistan’s problems!

Imad wants PPP to listen to JUI F – the same JUI F that was part of the Establishment’s PNA Movement against Bhutto. And that subsequently lead to the General Zia ul Haq military dictatorship and the rise of Imad’a client Nawaz Sharif!

It was JUI F and PML N that opposed multiple PPP government’s efforts in removing Ziaist clauses from the Constitution.

“Only a man with no political acumen can make a deal with a regime that is already sinking under its own weight and errors. The Pakistan Peoples Party is an example in this regard, having succumbed to establishment pressure and betrayed the opposition many times, most recently by announcing that it will not join Fazal’s protest. Perhaps the PPP in return will get a little relief but in the long run, it will remain limited to the Sindh interior as far as electoral politics is concerned.”

Nawaz Sharif has made countless deals with the establishment including his last failed deal that he will be spared. In reality, it is the PPP leadership that is being jailed and PPP’s Sindh government that is constantly being attacked.

Aside from Zardari, it is Khurshid Shah, Aga Siraj Durrani, Sharjeel Memon, Faryal Talpur etc who are being detained and jailed without any standing convictions.

When Nawaz Sharif returned after running away to London, he was and still remains a convicted felon.

We used to be reminded that Nawaz Sharif has given up his legacy as Zia-ist spawn. He never has.

We are lectured that Nawaz Sharif is the embodiment of Che and Voltaire. In reality, even in 2019, and as per their own Lifafa sycophants like Imad Zafar, Nawaz Sharif’s main ally is the perennial establishment JUI F.

JUI F is the parent Deobandi sectarian organisation that backed the Taliban and gave rise to Sipah Sahaba – both groups still supported by PML N!

We all remember how Nawaz Sharif cut the deal with General Musharaf and ran away to Saudi Arabia. With his tail tucked between his legs, the same Nawaz Sharif packed 40 suitcases to fly off to a Jeddah palace in 2000. Meanwhile, PPP’s Zardari and Gillani spent over a decade in jail on politically motivated and ultimately false charges – filed by Nawaz Sharif himself and his other Patwari hacks like Najam Sethi.

While the PPP protected Nawaz Sharif from the PTI mob protests and extra constitutional coup attempts, PML N returned the favour by jailing PPP Dr Asim Hussain on trumped up charges of terrorism.

The PML N treasure chest runs deep and can always employ the Imad Zafars, Hussain Haqqanis, Najam Sethi’s and Cyril Almeida’s to rebrand the party into something it is not.

As for Maryam Nawaz, we have never taken the vicious and slanderous tone that was adopted by Nawaz Sharif against Benazir Bhutto and Nusrat Bhutto.

Here is Maryam Nawaz retweeting the #ISIS affiliated sectarian hate group ASWJ while endorsing establishment stooges like Khadim Rizvi.

Dear Jiyalas, the 2013-18 PML N Government did not leave behind a stable economy.

On the contrary, they spent like drunken sailors on Pork Barrel projects which hollowed out the economy.

The PML N Punjab and Federal government in fact encouraged this destructive pattern for the corrupt PTI KPK Government. And both PTI and PML N then lynched PPP on trumped up political charges.

PML N did not “inherit a bad economy” from the outgoing 2008-13 PPP Federal government. Media Banshees aside, it inherited the most stable Pakistani economy in the 21st century.

In 2013, exports were $27 billion and the current account deficit was $2 billion.

In 2018, exports were between 15-20 billion and the current account deficit was close to $20 billion.

In 2008, oil briefly hovered around close to $150 per barrel. This was at the height of the subprime global financial crisis.

Between 2013-18, oil prices were at some of their lowest points in the last quarter century.

Between 2008-13, power prices were lower and agricultural support prices were optimal boosting Pakistan to its highest export growth.

Power plants in Pakistan depend largely on fuel but PML N still increased power prices drastically even as oil prices were plunging – thereby crushing industrial growth in hubs like Faisalabad and Sialkot. Agricultural support pricing has been abysmal since 2013.

The judiciary was with Nawaz Sharif till 2016 and the COAS till 2017. The media was divided and still is between PML N and PTI. The last PPP voices in the media were the late Muno Bhai and Abbas Athar. Those two also represented some of the last decent, cultured media voices in Pakistan.

If Gen Raheel had wanted PML N out earlier, they would have fallen in 2014. The deal between PML N and Raheel was the plump Saudi posting to kill starving Yemenis.

The Saudis saved Nawaz Sharif till 2017. And Zardari saved him in 2014 – an act which PPP supporters have not forgotten because they knew that in terms of nature, the Sharifs are vicious scorpions who can only bite the hand that protects them.

While it is clearly obvious that our Parha Likha types are abysmal with basic arithmetic and are obsessed (selectively) in Zardari’s alleged corruption, the 2008-13 PPP govt., of Zardari-Gillani was the best performing Pakistani Government in the 21st century.

It is an article of faith amongst our “educated” chattering classes to somehow present establishment stooges like Nawaz and Imran in a positive light, the basic math just does not add up.

Yes, we get it. The “educated” urban types who vote PML N and PTI hate PPP as an article of faith. But even anti-PPP corporate media outlets like DAWN agrees that the 2008-13 PPP government was the best performing one out of the other 3 ( Mush, Patwari and Insaafian).

The World Bank reports of 2012 and 2019 also give far higher marks to PPP than they do to PML N and PTI. Both failed on all 12 of economic criteria while PPP scored 6 A’s.

The DAWN and WB reports came out just months ago in 2019. Both are post May 2019.