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Unequal standards being applied to Tulsi Gabbard are because of her Hindu Faith

Tulsi Gabbard’s supporters disagree with her on multiple issues. Her support for India’s twice-elected prime minister Modi is probably at the top of the list. But is it fair to single her out?

Our Pakistani friends are incensed that Tulsi acknowledged Modi, met with him and supports him as the elected head of state of India. Did they ever raise the same outrage against our own prime minister, Nawaz Sharif went out of his way to accommodate Modi? Apparently, as per the reasoning of these Pakistani and expat friends, Tulsi is the only US politician who has mainstreamed Modi in the United States.

This disproportionate allegation is clearly without merit as the 38-year old Congresswoman Tulsi was kept out of her own party’s debate and is smeared and slandered relentlessly by US mainstream media. To portray her as having disproportionate influence in the United States is clearly without merit.Does that make her support for Modi ok. No, it does not. But to single her out is intellectual dishonesty.

There is no US politician barring Bernie Sanders who has even vaguely called out India’s stance on Kashmir. And Bernie’s other statements on Venezuela and Syria are deeply problematic so it’s not as though he is a saint on foreign policy either.

And on foreign policy, Tulsi is head and shoulders above her US counterparts. Even while supporting Modi, Tulsi twice made the case for tolerating different points of view in religion. And India is not the only country that is intolerant and fails in this regard.

Those who took out the counter-rally in Houston have never called out other countries with the standards they have laid out for India and their subtle singling out of Tulsi because of her Hindu faith.

None of them have called out corrupt, hateful, sectarian and bigoted Pakistani Mullahs – and these Mullahs extend across the different sects in Pakistan.

These friends are accusing Tulsi Gabbard of #Islamophobia. Tulsi has openly called out the Takfiri Wahhabi Salafi ideology whose spread is sponsored and funded by the Saudis and other GCC despots. She has bluntly stated this on multiple occasions and highlighted how #ISIS, #AlQaeda, the #Taliban and #BokoHaram all follow this ideology or its Saudi-funded South Asian variant.

These friends and their families belong to faith communities that have directly suffered due to Saudi patronage of #WSD terrorist groups. For the same people to smear Tulsi as promoting Islamophobia is really disappointing!

Ironically, many of the protestors are fervent supporters of Iran. Guess what friends. The clearest voice against war in Iran is that of Tulsi Gabbard – whose slander and unequal criticism you are now a part of.