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Pakistan’s Economy needs Agha Siraj’s gold, Zardari’s dollars and Khursheed Shah’s 500 billions!



For over 50 years, many of us in Pakistan entertained ourselves with Westerns like “Mackenna’s Gold”, “Treasure of the Sierra Madre” and “The Good, the Bad and the Ugly”. The last one was a classic. These Westerns were essentially about fair skinned Anglo Saxons looting treasures and money and getting away with it. Even while they were murdering and hoodwinking their opponents, the Anglo Saxons were always the hero.

Nowadays, #ARY and #GEO subject us to similar propaganda videos involving tan skin establishment politicians looting dark skinned PPP politicians. There are lurid and detailed (propaganda) videos of PPP politicians allegedly stashing piles of gold and rooms full of dollar and ruppee notes.

Between Zardari’s $100 billion, Agha Siraj Durranis basements full of gold and Khurshid Shah’s Rs 500 billion, Pakistanis economy should not just have stabilized. It should have gone through the roof. Between these 3 and the bureaucrat arrested today, not only should Pakistan’s total internal and external debt have been wiped out., We would have more reserves than India!!

Of course, this would only happen if these selective allegations against PPP were true.

However, it turns out that the case against #Zardari is now whittled down to a $95,000 account transfer. That is linked to a company buying sugar cane output for sugar processing plants. And from which Zardari resigned 11 years ago before assuming the post of Pakistan’s elected president!

And after 3 years of investigations and millions of tax payer monies spent, #NAB has informed the court that we still don’t know if the $95,000 transaction is anything more than a valid business transaction.

NAB is the extra-constitutional “accountability” body that was formed by the military dictator, General Musharaf. And after years of investigations and spurious declarations, we are still no where.

Pakistanis must hold establishment corporate media outlets like ARY and GEO to account for their sensationalist and ultimately false reporting and sharing of NAB’s unverified allegations. They should be asked why these compromised corporate media outlets are running interference for a failed and incompetent PTI government.

Previously we used to entertain ourselves with subtly racist but entertaining Westerns that involved stories about sensational discoveries of gold and cash treasures. At least we had the legendary #EnnioMorricone composing a fantastic soundtrack and #SergioLeone showing some great dialogue by #ClintEastwood.

Now we are subjected to smarmy and smug Jamaatiya- PTI-PML N types spinning ludicrous propaganda. Simply to hide the sheer and horrific failure of the selected PTI government.