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How Bhuttos, Gandhis, Rahmans, Aquinos, Kennedys, Sukarnos and Allendes “Benefited” by Murdering each other




I have made this post using the (warped and twisted) logic of Pakistan’s liberal/progressive/Secular/Leftist/Civil Society mindset.

Benazir and Nusrat Bhutto were the biggest beneficiaries of Bhutto’s murder, oops, judicial hanging. And Bhutto murdered himself by appointing General Zia ul Haq.

Similarly, Indira Gandhi and Rajiv Gandhi were the biggest beneficiaries of Sunjay Gandhi’s murder so using the same (twisted) logic, they both murdered Sunjay. And then Rajiv Gandhi murdered Indira – because you see he benefitted. And Sonia Gandhi murdered Rajiv. Because, like you know, she “benefited”

Moving on to Bangladesh, Hasina Wajid murdered her entire family including Mujeeb ur Rahman. And Mujeeb ur Rahman murdered himself because as (elected) head of State, General Zia was under his command and based due to his appointments. FYI, “Kruppt” Hasina Wajid is still “Benefiting” by doubling Bangladesh’s exports like “corrupt” PPP did between 2008-13; when PPP government doubled Pakistan’s exports.

Ditto for Allende, Sukarno, Kennedys and Aquinos. They all murdered their brothers, fathers, mothers and children to “benefit”. And since many of them were (elected) head of States, they are also equally responsible for their own deaths.

Because if Kennedy had not chosen LBJ (that’s Lyndon B Johnson and not Lebron James), JFK would still be alive.

This post is dedicated to all liberals/civil society types in Pakistan who use this reasoning to blame Bhutto family for their own deaths so that the real culprits are never pointed out.