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How Trump being the president might, just maybe, prevent a war with Iran



While many of us have now given up all hope on the United States stepping back from the brink on war with Iran, Trump’s absurd statement might just prove to accomplish the opposite.

Trump making the US military subservient to Saudi Arabia might be the very spark that wakes up the Americans. This statement by Trump made it very clear that America’s foreign policy is beholden to Saudi Arabia and Netanyahu’s right wing Israeli government – both of whom are itching for the US to take out Iran.

As Robert Gates very correctly noted during the Obama administration; the Saudis want to fight the Iranians down to the last American soldier.

While Tulsi has been the most prominent to call out Trump (in the midst of the typically spineless Establishment Democrats who are also peddling the Saudi line), others have followed. This include Ben Rhodes and as well as the prominent DNC shill and former comic, #StephenColbert.

Maybe, just maybe, the sheer absurdity of Trump making the US military “Saudi Arabia’s B—-h” might strengthen the anti-war voices in the United States. It would be too much of a stretch to call this 3-D chess by Trump. But it would not be a stretch to hope that more Americans see the absurdity of the United States going to war with Iran.