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The Reformist urge to hijack the pulpit is an outcome of narcissism and intellectual bankruptcy



Muharram sees hundreds of millions of mourners, from across the sectarian and faith divide, converge for the sole purpose of commemorating Imam Hussain’s Supreme Sacrifice at Karbala.

Cultures across the world have contributed to the growth of Azadari. Azadari, with all its outward manifestations, is a singularity that devotes itself completely to an event that is of cosmic proportions to its participants. It becomes the central plank to connect man with Divinity and to submit to a Truth.

This is why Azadari really challenges and bothers the rationalists, the fascists and the totalitarians. It is an act of ultimate defiance that elevates one from their petty narcissism to appreciating the manifestation of the Divine. It is the very antithesis to the petty Modernistic narcissism that relies on the blind belief that we are somehow in control.

We have discussed how vicious sectarians and haters routinely expose themselves during Muharram. It is also time to call out the Reformist/Islahi lobby who try to hijack Muharram for their bankrupt ideas of political domination.

Think of these Islahis as those who steal electricity connections from others. These Reformists are so spiritually impoverished, they have to try to steal and hijack the pulpit meant for commemoration. Otherwise few care what these Islahi peddlers have to sell.

Someone should tell them that if they are 50 and are still oblivious to the basic civic norms that most of us start imbibing at the age of 5, they have bigger problems.

If you need to hijack the pulpit for spouting obvious civic norms such as cleaning trash and donating blood, you have bigger problems as the evidence completely destroys your claims.

The goal of creating a class of smug, self righteous SJW type hypocrites does not really appeal to the masses. Sooner, rather than later, they are going to chuck you out of the pulpits that you have hijacked. Let’s face it, Urban Pakistan has never been as literally polluted as when this Islahi nonsense started.