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The Wahhabi-Liberal-Uncle Tom assault on Karbala and Azadari



Farhat Hashmi and Zakir Naik, two Wahhabi evangelists publicly misrepresent Imam Hussain’s sacrifice as “a battle between 2 princes”.

In their evangelist lectures, at 5 Star hotels and expensive venues, they peddle the sectarian trope that the massacre of the Holy Prophet’s family at Karbala was “clan war between Banu Hashim (the Holy Prophet’s family) and the Banu Ummaya (Yazid’s tribe).

The same script, of obfuscating about Imam Hussain, is also peddled by the the notorious Lal Masjid types. The cross dressing Lal Masjid Mullah, Abdul Aziz, who wore a Burqa to escape the law, also peddles the same line against Imam Hussain.

The MO is the same. Obfuscate Karbala as a petty clan war for turf, elevate Yazeed and try and smear Imam Hassan and Imam Hussain.

We have seen how this tactic has worked out ever since the Banu Abbas and Banu Ummaya tried it for their power grabs. Banu Ummaya and Banu Abbas serve as the templates for ISIS, for Al Qaeda and for the Ikhwan.

Zakir Naik not only publicly supports Yazeed – he also supports terrorists like Osama Bin Laden. Similarly, Farhat Hashmi and the Lal Masjid have been investigated for their insidious role in terrorism – most notably in the San Bernardino attacks as well as Lal Masjid’s public endorsement of ISIS and their terrorism.

Obfuscating Karbala is the goal for those beholden to political Islam – including sectarian atheists. Imam Hussain serves as a litmus year for those who aspire to the Divine and to the concept of Sacrifice. The commemoration of Karbala is the anti thesis to narcissism and the modern delusion about the self.

That is why it is not just Wahhabi evangelists who peddle these obfuscations. Those peddling the Banu Ummaya doctrine also include sectarian atheists, commercial liberals and Uncle Tom Shias.

It would be remiss to exclude Ghamdi – another Nasibi obfuscator who peddles even more insidious stuff on Ghadeer and Siffin.

#JibranNasir peddled the same rubbish at the 2016 La Takfir conference. And Uncle Tom Shias parrot similar insidious attacks that misplace social justice in competition with Azadari.

It is a measure of ignorance and the urge for bourgeoisie acceptance that Uncle Tom Shias have not only failed to counter such evangelists. Many of them simply regurgitate Farhat Hashmi and Zakir Naik because the same script is fed to them by their own chosen unscrupulous preachers.

They have no idea about how this script was recycled in Modern Times by Political Islam proponents. They are oblivious to the early histories by Ibne Tabiri or Abu Mikhnaf. They are even oblivious to irony.

Some of them chastise Azadari and attack Hadiths while repeating and supporting the scripts of Zakir Naik and Farhat Hashmi – scripts built on spurious, selective and one-sided accounts by medieval sectarian polemicists like Ibne Taymiyah, Ibne Kathir and Jauzi.

Muhammad Aamir Hussaini and other Sunni and Shia scholars have written extensively on the history of Kufa and how it’s activists and intellectuals sacrificed themselves by the thousands in their support for the Ahlul Bayt. Kufa had a history of decades of defiance in the face of horrible oppression by the Ummayads to crush the love for the Holy Prophet’s family amongst the Kufans.

Yet today, even Shias have brought into the Wahhabi sectarian trope about Kufa being synonymous with betrayal.

For Uncle Tom Shias, acceptance from sectarian and prejudiced liberal hypocrites Trumps their own heritage and identity that was forged over centuries of oppression.

On the other side A high ranking police officer in Kohat refuses to allow an Imambara to host a Majlis during the Muharram commemoration of Imam Hussain. He is in direct contravention of a high court order that called for unsealing the Imambara there. In Okara, Azadars are attacked and tear gassed by the police.

Meanwhile Pakistan’s Sufyani liberals are rebranding the genocidal campaigns of the Ummayads against the Holy Prophet’s family as “competent administration”.

Others are genuflecting to the Abbasiads for the few scientific endeavors that were incidental during their otherwise violent regimes of palace coups, hedonism, intrigues and fratricide. The Abbasiads continued their oppression and murder of the Prophet’s descendants before their corrupt, venal and bloated regime was easily defeated by the Mongols.

Modern day sectarian bigots who use a liberal mask, are more concerned in peddling the hagiography of murderous and power hungry regimes that were wiped out due to fratricide. The human rights of Devotees commemorating a Divine sacrifice is of the least concern to these 21st century courtier liberals.

Erdogan of Turkey, a sponsor for various Al Qaeda and Ikhwan affiliates used against Syria, imagines himself as an (Ottoman) Sultan. Raqqa, briefly the capital of ISIS, held great religious importance to this transnational terrorist group. It was close to the site of Siffin and was also the capital of the Abbasids for some time. There is a clear historical connectivity between these various caliphate regimes and modern day terrorist groups like ISIS.