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Are Hindus not citizens of Pakistan? – by Aamir Hussaini

Is it legitimate to curse Hindus while talking about Kashmir or India?

Unfortunately I had to listen some odd speeches in a seminar on Kashmir held in hall of a local college of a district of Pakistani Punjab today.

All speakers including a high rank education officer, a former Principle for Girls College, an woman MPA from PTI’s quota for women seats were cursing ‘Hindus’, while talking about #Kashmir issue and they all were saying that #Pakistan was made for #Muslims #Islam and they are denying the existence of every identity except the #Muslim.

I was thinking whether this country is only for Muslims or it is country for all those people who are citizens of this country and we all know well that there are Hindus, Christians, Sikhs, tiny minority of Parasis and Ahmadis declared non-Muslim by state through constitutional amendment then why people who are directly responsible for education of young boys and girls indoctrinate their audience negatively about Hindus?

Do they not know that to be Citizen of India is not to be just #Hindu only and to be Hindu is not necessary to be religious bigot or to be enemy of Muslims and Islam?

Do they think that to be Indian it means to be against the Islam and Muslim?

I was in a college of such district, where no Hindu lives and I know in that college no Hindu studys but if in a college no Hindu studys then is it legitimate to curse them or to portray them as enemy of Muslims or Islam or Pakistan?

This experience gave me another lesson that majority people living in Pakistani #Punjab particularly perhaps consciously or unconsciously are totally unaware of demography of Jammun&Kashmir_Ladakh-GilgitBaltistan and when they only say ‘Kashmir’ or ‘Kashmiri Muslaman’ then it means they consciously or unconsciously exclude Sikh, Buddhists, Hindus living there and I firmly believe they don’t include #Ismailis in term ‘Kashmiri Muslman’ used by them while discussing the said issue.

Second lesson is that we are the people in majority are inclined to monolithic tendency of identity and we are consciously or unconsciously against the tendency inclined to diversity, composite cultur, pluralism.

Popular stanza recited there again and again by many speakers even by woman MPA was

یاران جہاں کہتے ہیں کشمیر ہے جنت

جنت کسی کافر کو ملی ہے نہ ملے گی


People of the world say that Kashmir is Paradise and no infidel can enter the paradise

Reciting the stanza mentioned above with devoted voice again and receiving applause from audiences show our chauvinistic approach and our bigotry towards followers of other religions.