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Political vengeance must be criticized, Even if it is the light, cosmetic and token punishment of corrupt Taliban & PML N mouthpieces like Irfan Siddiqui



PML N mouthpieces like DAWN and others continue to lecture us that PML Nawaz Sharif group have “learnt from the past”.

This is the ludicrous and dishonest statement that one can typically expect from Patwaris. Till Nawaz Sharif was dumped in 2017, PML N continued to abuse its power by attacking and persecuting PPP at every turn.

So which past did PML N learn from??

From 1993? 1999?
2008-13 when they misused every opportunity to crawl into bed with General Kayani and dirty corrupt judges.

In reality, PML N and its mouthpieces like #DAWN*, #FridayTimes, #NayaDaur have not so much learnt from the past as they have chosen to lie about it and bury the past.

If DAWN was honest and transparent, it would have highlighted how in 2014, both Imran Khan and Irfan Siddiqui were at the forefront in proposed talks with the Taliban – even as the Taliban were massacring thousands of Pakistanis.

If PML N had HONESTLY learnt from the past, their liberal couriers and social media mouthpieces would have condemned the treatment meted out to Aseefa Bhutto Zardari just a couple of days ago.

So please spare us these lectures. PTI is doing far worse to PPP but where is the impartial cover from DAWN in support of the politically victimised PPP?